‘While You Were Sleeping’ stars Suzy, Lee Jong Suk deal with real fire

Lee Jong Suk, Suzy

Lee Jong Suk, Suzy (YouTube/SBS Catch)

On Nov. 15, Wednesday, SBS recently released on YouTube a behind-the-scenes clip from the drama series “While You Were Sleeping.” In the clip that runs for 4 minutes and 42 seconds, Lee Jong Suk and Bae Suzy, who is professionally known as Suzy, are seen dealing with fire literally and figuratively.

In the clip, Lee jokes that it seems like his hair and Suzy’s hair will catch on fire while they are filming on set with real fire. The two “While You Were Sleeping” stars are seen coughing from the smoke of the fire but they manage to stay in character until the scene is wrapped up.

Lee and Suzy then let go of their respective characters and become the playful persons that they are. They tease each other and as they laugh in front of the mirror looking at their faces covered with soot.

Directed by Oh Choong Hwan and directed by Park Hye Ryun, “While You Were Sleeping” is about Nam Hong Joo (Suzy) and Jung Jae Chan (Lee) who both can see in their dreams unfortunate events before they happen. Suzy’s character is a journalist while Lee’s character is a rookie prosecutor.

Joining Suzy and Lee in the main cast of “While You Were Sleeping” are Lee Sang Yeob, Jung Hae In and Ko Sung Hee. Sang Yeob, Jung and Ko played a lawyer named Lee Yoo Bum, a police officer named Han Woo Tak and a prosecutor named Shin Hee Min, respectively.

The final episode of “While You Were Sleeping” aired on SBS on Nov. 16, Thursday. In the 32nd episode of the drama series, the case of Jong Suk’s character against Sang Yeob’s character saw its conclusion through the testimony of Jung’s character.

Meanwhile, Suzy has yet to release a statement about her recent breakup with Lee Min Ho. Watch the “While You Were Sleeping” behind-the-scenes clip here:

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