Why Lee Min Ho, Suzy broke up

In 2015 and in 2016, rumors claimed that Lee Min Ho, 30, and Bae Suzy, 23, who is professionally known as Suzy, had broken up. However, the two South Korean superstars had strongly denied the rumors.

But recently, fans of Lee and Suzy were disappointed to find out that the two have really broken up. JYP Entertainment confirmed to Korea Herald that the two were no longer in a relationship but the agency that represents Suzy cited privacy issues and declined to reveal the details of the breakup.

Lee’s agency MYM Entertainment has yet to comment on the report. Neither Lee nor Suzy has released a statement, as well.

Another source revealed to Ilgan Sports that Lee and Suzy have ended their relationship. According to the source, the reasons of the breakup are personal, and the two have remained as good friends.

Lee and Suzy reportedly celebrated their second anniversary as a couple in April. A month later, the former started his mandatory military service in southern Seoul, where he is working at a social welfare center.

Currently, Suzy stars on “While You Were Sleeping” opposite Lee Jong Suk. The main cast of the SBS drama series, which premiered on Sept. 27, also includes Lee Sang Yeob, Jung Hae In and Ko Sung Hee.

On “While You Were Sleeping,” Suzy plays a journalist who can see in her dreams unfortunate events before they happen. Her younger version is played by Shin Yi Joon.

Jong Suk plays a rookie prosecutor who developed the same ability as that of Suzy’s character. The younger version is played by Nam Da Reum.

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