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Thanksgiving food tips: Fasting or binge eating?

Thanksgiving food

Thanksgiving food (Facebook/Sofia Vergara)

Some Americans resort to fasting before or after binge eating on Thanksgiving Day. This practice is not advisable as it can be detrimental to dieters’ health, according to experts.

Skipping meals will just result to inevitable binge. One of the common mistakes committed by dieters is not eating the entire day with the plan to binge on Thanksgiving food, according to an endocrinology and weight management expert in the New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Dr. Rekha Kumar told Newsweek that what dieters need to do is to eat only the things that appeal to them. She recommended a light, protein-filled meal for breakfast, such as Greek yogurt with fruit, an egg white and vegetable omelet.

To prepare for a Thanksgiving feast, eating a breakfast meal filled with protein, fiber and healthy fats is recommended instead of skipping meals. Binghamton University molecular biologist and registered dietitian-nutritionist Lina Begdache explained how skipping meals pushes dieters to binge eating.

“If your body is used to eating at certain times and you skip those meals, your brain is going to think that you’re not getting food,” Begdache told the publication. “Then your brain will release chemicals that it’s hungry. Once you reach a certain threshold, you’re going to feel like you’re starving.”

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Kristen Tinker does not recommend fasting, as well. According to her, it is critical to eat throughout the day, which starts with breakfast.

“Fasting is not a smart option, since it translates into chemical changes,” Tinker wrote on her blog. The chemical changes she enumerated were muscle wasting, increased blood sugar and cortisol levels and the subsequent binging to normalize the fasting.

Tinker recommends drinking a smoothie or protein shake for during breakfast. She pointed out the importance of drinking lemon water to hydrate, alkalize the body and detox the liver while enjoying Thanksgiving food throughout the day.

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