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Mister Ocean-Canada 2017 Benny Wills: The confusion was half the fun

Benny Wills (Facebook/Mister Ocean)

Benny Wills (Facebook/Mister Ocean)

In November, Benny Wills spent two weeks in Taiwan to represent his home country Canada at Mister Ocean 2017. He and 48 other candidates from different countries and territories participated in various activities before the inaugural male beauty pageant’s first ever winner, Mister Bosnia and Herzegovina Ermin Poturak, was crowned.

Wills not only won a special award from Mister Ocean 2017 but also gained friendship and memories that are meant to last. For him, the most memorable day of the competition was the very first day when some of the other contestants were still getting to Taiwan.

“We had our first shoot in formal wear and a couple of us went to Taipei,” Wills said in a statement exclusively obtained by Conan Daily. “It took at least an hour to get there by train but the confusion was half the fun.”

“Once we arrived, we had to do some shopping,” Wills continued. “But just hanging out, and getting to know some of the other guys before any of the drama started. That or just relaxing and really becoming friends with some unexpected people from the trip.”

While Wills did not advance to the Mister Ocean 2017 semi-finals, he was runner-up to Mister Taiwan Li Heng as Mister Popularity. Mister Ecuador Adonis Cantante was second runner-up in the special award.

The representative from Canada made many friends during the competition and he described them as amazing ones. He said, “We’re all brothers from another mother!”

“But the person I got the closest with would have to be the Aussie!” Wills said referring to Mister Australia Memphis James. “I think I would have gone insane a lot earlier without his help so shout out to James.”

Memphis James, Benny Wills (Facebook/Benny Wills)

Memphis James, Benny Wills (Facebook/Benny Wills)

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