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Watch ‘Lovesick’ Season 3 on Netflix on New Year’s Eve

Daniel Ings, Antonia Thomas, Johnny Flynn (Facebook/Lovesick Netflix)

Daniel Ings, Antonia Thomas, Johnny Flynn (Facebook/Lovesick Netflix)

One of the TV shows to premiere on Netflix in January 2018 is “Lovesick” Season 3. The new season of the British sitcom, which was originally called “Scrotal Recall,” will be released on New Year’s Eve.

The lead character of the sitcom is Dylan Witter (Johnny Flynn), a landscaping garden designer who goes from one casual relationship to another. After discovering that he has chlamydia, he decides to inform all of his former partners about his sexually transmitted infection, the symptoms in men of which include penis discharge, burning with urination, swollen testicles and testicular pain.

Dylan’s best friend is Evie Douglas (Antonia Thomas), who is a barbed and sarcastic lady. She is usually single and she seems to have underlying feelings for Dylan but her feelings for her best friend are confused by the situation between them.

Joining Witter and Thomas in the main cast of “Lovesick” are Daniel Ings, Joshua McGuire and Hannah Britland. Ings, McGuire and Britland play Luke Curran, Angus and Abigail, respectively.

Luke works for an app developer. He is shallow, responsible and feckless and is Dylan’s friend and flatmate.

Angus is the henpecked husband of Helen. He is one of Dylan’s friends.

Abigail is one of the ex-girlfriends of Dylan. She was the barmaid at the wedding of Angus and Helen.

Season 3 picks up as Evie reckons her feelings for Dylan. But Dylan’s relationship with Abigail is going strong.

Still, Evie pines for Dylan. Meanwhile, Angus gears up to become a father while Luke keeps on looking for love.

Aside from playing Dylan on “Lovesick,” Flynn also played the younger Albert Einstein in “Genius.” The older version of the character in the National Geographic anthology period drama series was played by Geoffrey Rush.

“Genius” Season 2 will premiere in 2018.  The new season will follow the Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramist, stage designer, playwright and poet Pablo Picasso.

Watch the trailer of “Lovesick” Season 3 here:

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