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Globe blocks over 400 million spam, scam messages successfully



As a result of its intensified anti-scamming campaign, Globe Telecom has blocked over 400 million spam SMS messages in 2017. The telecommunications provider achieved this through its comprehensive and fully automated mechanism, which can filter out unwanted and unsolicited text messages. In line with this, Globe has also deactivated 14,013 SIMs, which have been found to be the sources of such messages.

“We understand the problems that could arise from these text messaging scams,” Globe Chief Information Security Officer Anton Bonifacio said. “This is why we have strengthened our campaign for a spam-free experience for all our customers. We have been working hard to stop many fraud attempts, and we have been successful in our goal. We will be constantly upgrading and improving our blocking and filtering mechanism to keep our network from these unwanted messages.”

In 2014, Globe established an anti-spam solution and blocking mechanism, consisting of a new hardware and software solution, that can filter up to one billion SMS a day. This mechanism enables Globe to prevent the transmittal of spam/scam messages which have been sent through the Globe network. The following year, the mechanism was upgraded and expanded to effectively prevent spam-scam messages coming from other networks.

With the filtering function and blocking mechanism, Globe has lowered the spam attempts, from 2.9 million daily spam traffic in 2016 to 182,000 in 2017. This represents a 94 percent success rate. In addition, the number of spam call complaints has been reduced to 1,085, which is 65 per cent lower from 3,073 total calls accumulated from 2014 to 2016.

Globe Telecom encouraged its customers to be vigilant against span and scam messages. Bonifacio said, “Text spamming is an industry-wide issue, and we acknowledge that Globe Telecom’s anti-spam campaign will not be as effective without the help of our customers. We encourage our customers to be vigilant and report any text scam they receive.”

Customers can file their complaints through whenever they receive scam messages. All they need to do is provide details of the spam and scam messages they received on their mobile devices. When Globe has verified that the numbers have been constant sources of spam messages, it will disconnect these numbers from service.

Realizing customer concerns relating to spam and scam messages, Globe will remain committed and vigilant against spammers and fraudsters and continue to improve customer experience, Bonifacio emphasized.

Recently, Globe Telecom’s anti-spam campaign gained global recognition after it bagged a major award at the 2018 Process Excellence Network (PEX) Awards held in Orlando, Florida, USA. The telco leader was declared the winner of the Best Project Contributing to Customer Excellence for its anti-spam solution. The award is given to outstanding projects that create a major impact on customer experience, and whose execution noted tangible and measurable improvements in customer satisfaction.

The PEX Awards is organized by the Process Excellence Network (PEX), an online news source and global community for process professionals, business leaders and executives who want to improve their businesses through process and operational excellence. Globe Telecom’s anti-spam campaign started in 2014 following numerous customer complaints on proliferation of spam and scam messages as SMS remains the country’s most reliable form of mobile messaging channel.

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