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John Brewin makes pro debut with a statement TKO

John Brewin, Hardeep Rai

John Brewin, Hardeep Rai

John Brewin made his professional debut at Brave 12:KHK Legacy representing New Zealand. He took on the 2015 IMMAF medalist Hardeep Rai, who is undefeated in his both professional fights which he had fought in Brave Combat Federation. Brewin represented the Bali MMA Pro Team while Rai was representing the KHK MMA Fight Team. The lightweight bout started with both the fighters trying to establish dominance with the striking game earlier in the round.

Brewin gained the upper hand by landing significant strikes with accuracy. Soon, Rai took the game to the ground and Brewin countered the attempts and took the mount to dominate Rai. With the strikes doing significant damage, Brewin clearly had the upper hand by the end of the first round. In the second round, Brewin went straight for the finish from the very beginning.

The bout resulted in a stoppage declaring Brewin as the winner by TKO. Bali MMA Pro Team showcased three fighters at Brave 12: KHK Legacy. Zeck Lange, John Brewin and Kaan Ofli. Two among the three fighters ended up with a victory in their first appearance in Brave Combat Federation. Both the victories came by way of overcoming seasoned fighters of the promotion. Ofli went the distance with Jeremy Pacatiw from Team Lakay to win the bout while unanimous decision while Lange lost the fight to debuting IMMAF gold medalist from KHK MMA fight team, Gamzat Magomedov.

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