Music video of ‘Sid & Aya’ soundtrack ‘Di Na Muli’ by The Itchyworms released

Jazz Nicolas, Chino Singson, Jugs Jugueta, Kelvin Yu

Jazz Nicolas, Chino Singson, Jugs Jugueta, Kelvin Yu

The words and music of “Di Na Muli” were by long-time friends Jazz Nicolas and Wally Acolola. They entered the song into the fifth Philippine Popular (PhilPop) Music Festival where it won the grand prize.

“Di Na Muli” was performed by the Filipino rock band The Itchyworms, of which Nicolas is a member. His bandmates are Chino Singson, Kelvin Yu and Jugs Jugueta.

In 2018, “Di Na Muli” the song has been given new life in the official soundtrack of Viva Films’ hit film “Sid & Aya (Not A Love Story).” Directed by Irene Villamor, the movie starred Dingdong Dantes and Anne Curtis, who played the title characters.

Somewhere in between PhilPop and “Sid & Aya (Not a Love Story),” The Itchyworms sets out to immortalize the song. The result was a visually stunning and emotional music video, which was directed by Paolo Abella.

Help also came along in the form of the music video’s co-director Juno Oebanda, a longtime friend of The Itchyworms, and the generous indulgence of none other than the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). The link to the CCP is Oebanda’s uncle, the late Teddy Hilado, who is recognized as the father of lighting design in Philippine theater.

Also featured in the music video are Rosky Balahadia Hilado and Carissa Adea. The former is Teddy’s widow and a former member of the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company while the latter is a member of Ballet Philippines.

The song’s themes of love, loss and words left unspoken are embodied in the elegant performances of Rosky and Adea and in the video’s sweeping visuals, all captured within the hallowed halls of the CCP. The music video seeks to serve as loving tribute to Teddy, whose influence is still felt and recognized to this day.

The members of The Itchyworms are now proud to share the first ever music video shot inside the CCP . They extend heartfelt thanks to those who helped bring the music video to fruition.

Watch the official music video of “Di Na Muli” here:

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Check out their music videos: Official Youtube channel

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