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Jonathan Fong talks ‘Rich Franklin’s ONE Warrior Series’ Season 2 success

Jonathan Fong, Rich Franklin

Jonathan Fong, Rich Franklin

“Rich Franklin’s ONE Warrior Series” Season 1 has successfully discovered promising martial artists in Asian cities. In the second season of the documentary series, the hosts went to destinations away from the major cities of the continent.

“Our bet to move away from the major cities to recruit for Season 2 has paid off!” ONE Warrior Series director Jonathan Fong stated. He serves as the director of the documentary program, which he co-hosts with ONE Warrior Series CEO Rich Franklin, who is also a former UFC Middleweight Champion.

“We recruited a number of promising athletes with very compelling stories to tell,” Fong said. “Traveling to some remote locations within Asia not only tested our resolve, but also showcased to us the lesser known and untouched beauty this continent has to offer.”

ONE Warrior Series is a subsidiary of ONE Championship™ (ONE), the largest global sports media property in Asian history. Featuring Singapore, the mid-season finale of its documentary program “Rich Franklin’s ONE Warrior Series” will broadcast live on the ONE Super App on July 19, 2018.

Receiving ONE Champion contracts and cash prize, the winners of “Rich Franklin’s ONE Warrior Series” Season 1 were Rockie Bactol of the Philippines and Kim and Woon Kyum and Park Dae Sung of South Korea. In addition, JD “Headshot” Hardwick of the United States and Shahid “Rude Boy” Siddiqui and Faizan “The Grenade” Khan of Pakistan won the Warrior Bonuses.

For “Rich Franklin’s ONE Warrior Series” Season 2, Franklin and Fong went to Brunei. They also visited Indonesian destinations Jakarta, Flores Island and Bali as well as Malaysian destinations Kota Kinabalu, Labuan, Johor Bahru and Batu Pahat.

“Rich Franklin’s ONE Warrior Series” Season 2 will return in September 2018. Watch the first episode of the second season featuring Jakarta here:

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