Roderick Lindayag’s ‘Dito Lang Ako’ interweaves unconditional love, 1970s Quezon City’s beauty

'Dito Lang Ako' movie poster

Directed by Roderick Lindayag, “Dito Lang Ako” is set in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines in the 1970s. Hitting Philippine theaters on August 8, 2018, the Filipino romantic drama film generously explores the magic of unconditional love.

On the surface, meeting your one great love at the wrong time is sad. But intrinsically, how this situation proves that love is not bound by time is not only a blissful story but a beautiful one.

Sometimes, the issue is not the fact that two people are not right for each other. It is more like the timing is just not right.

This is how the selfless love story of Nelia and Delfin started. A woman who believes in promises of love, Nelia keeps on waiting and hoping that the man she lost 40 years ago will come back and she cannot be moved with the memories of love she once shared with Delfin.

Everything was perfect then and Nelia and Delfin’s love story was like the perfect romance that everyone wishes to have. That is how Nelia recalls their tale set amid the timeless beauty of Quezon City in the 1970s.

Quezon City, the capital of the Philippines from 1948 to 1976, is now the most populous city in the country. Man-made and natural changes transformed the beauty of the city but they were not able to erase Nelia’s happy memories in the place, particularly those that she shared with Delfin.

But not all good things last forever. Will Nelia be strong enough to move on? Will Delfin’s love transcend through time? Will their love be patient enough to wait for the perfect time and the joy of togetherness that they deserve?

As Nelia and Delfin’s story unfolds, “Dito Lang Ako” becomes more than just a recollection of a past romance. It shows what love can do to change people as it teaches us why and how to love unconditionally.

Playing the present-time Nelia and Delfin are Boots Anson-Roa and Freddie Webb, respectively. The respective younger versions are played by Michelle Vito and Jon Lucas.

“Dito Lang Ako” marks Lindayag’s full-length film debut. The screenplay was written by Nick Harvie Aquino and Hannah Miles Roces.

Joining Anson-Roa, Webb, Vito and Lucas in the “Dito Lang Ako” cast are Akihiro Blanco, Rey “PJ” Abellana, DJ Durano, Garie Concepcion, Senpai Kazu and Roadfill of Moymoy Palaboy. James Deakin is also making a special appearance in the film.

Accentuating the colors of unconditional love and the beauty of Quezon City in “Dito Lang Ako” is the film’s official soundtrack by Jay R and Cooky Chua. Watch the music video here:

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