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13 most beautiful ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ actresses

“Crazy Rich Asians” has a cast filled with beautiful Asian actresses. Here are 13 of them:


13. Janice Koh


12. Awkwafina


11. Victoria Loke


10. Amy Cheng


9. Fiona Xie


8. Constance Lau


7. Kris Aquino


6. Jing Lusi


5. Carmen Soo

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My red carpet experience begins after stepping out of the car. So many people, shouts everywhere and the sun was shining brightly at our faces, and I can feel my makeup starting to melt 😅 I try to stay calm and vow to enjoy every minute of it. 1. First stop while waiting to step on the emerald carpet. 2. Everyone took turns to take a photo with the big logo of the film. 3. Two steps into the carpet and a photographer asked me to turn. The sun was shining bright behind me and the result is one of the best photos of me on the emerald carpet. @xplacidacidx is waiting for her turn. 4&5. Everyone is shouting my name from all angles. Lots of smiling, changing poses, looking everywhere. 6. The sun is super hot and may be too harsh for the photos. The photographers asked me to move back to the backdrop and stand in the shade. 7. About half the carpet down, the interviews begin. So many reporters from all over the world. Jinny from @wbpictures was on hand to guide me through each one, as well as helping take photos of my experience. (Thank you Jinny) #crazyrichasians #crazyrichasiansmovie #warnerbros #melindalooicouture #styledbyandreakee #chantecaille

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4. Constance Wu


3. Sonoya Mizuno


2. Gemma Chan

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📸: @mattholyoak for the NY Post #crazyrichasians

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1. Michelle Yeoh

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