EVOLVE MMA looking for 20 EVOLVE Fight Team members

EVOLVE Mixed Martial Arts is the number one martial arts organization in Asia, according to CNN, Yahoo Sports and Fox Sports. To keep its top rank, the organization is strengthening its already solid and prestigious EVOLVE Fight Team.

Athletes from around the world now have the opportunity to join the EVOLVE Fight Team. From November 9-15, 2018, EVOLVE MMA will hold global tryouts for MMA fighters who are looking to take their professional fighting career to the next level.

Selected applicants will be invited to come to Singapore to attend the tryouts, training under the World Champion Instructor Team at EVOLVE MMA. Fighters who are selected to join the EVOLVE Fight Team will receive an annual salary of US$48,000 and complimentary corporate housing to live and train full-time in Singapore.

The selected fighters will also receive career management and marketing support from EVOLVE MMA. On top of that, they will undergo world-class training under the largest collection of world champions in the world.

Through EVOLVE MMA’s global network of contacts, members of the EVOLVE Fight Team have direct paths to compete in the world’s top MMA organizations, such as ONE Championship, the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Bellator MMA.

“EVOLVE MMA is ranked as the top martial arts academy in Asia by leading authorities such as CNN, Yahoo Sports and Fox Sports, among others,” EVOLVE MMA vice president Wesley De Souza stated. “The EVOLVE Fight Team is a reflection of this as we have the largest collection of World Champions under one roof.”

“Despite this, we have no intentions of stopping anytime soon, and we intend to expand our roster as much as we can,” De Souza added. “We want our fight team to continue to compete at the highest level and help all of our fighters achieve their goals.”

EVOLVE MMA welcomes all fighters from all backgrounds to try out for a spot, including up-and-coming fighters as well as top established fighters from ONE Championship, the UFC and Bellator MMA. The EVOLVE Fight Team is aiming to recruit 20 additional full-time fighters to join the team.

Meanwhile, here are 10 benefits of MMA, according to EVOLVE MMA:

To apply for the tryouts, applicants need to email their martial arts credentials, martial arts record, and competition footage to

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