Music Museum celebrates 30 years quietly

Launched on August 8, 1988, the Music Museum just turned 30 years old. The unique little theater was founded by Kuh Ledesma, who eventually sold it to her friend Precy F. Tolentino in 1990.

Under Ledesma’s management, the Music Museum started as a music-themed restaurant with a theater gallery around the stage. On the walls were valuable memorabilia from Filipino artists such as Liza Macuja’s first ballet shoes, Gary Valenciano’s first dancing shoes and Nora Aunor’s “Tawag Ng Tanghalan” trophy.

Tolentino is now the Music Museum president while Rosie F. Mendoza is the vice president. The two celebrated the 30th anniversary celebration of the theater with their staff.

With big parties and all-night concerts, the Music Museum celebrated earlier milestones like its 10th, 20th and 25th years showcasing various acts and a wide variety of performers. On its 30th anniversary, the people behind the theater chose to celebrate in a quiet, more meaningful way.

At a private celebration, the Music Museum staff performed a special number. They also serenaded Florentino and Mendoza with songs and roses.

The Music Museum launched the careers of budding artists and also mounted the polished performances of the biggest names in the entertainment industry in the Philippines. It is where music lovers savor live entertainment while enjoying food and drinks served right at their seats.

One of the challenges the Music Museum has overcome was the fire that hit it in 1992. The fire devastated the little theater, destroying almost all of the memorabilia stored in it.

A year later, the Music Museum reopened. Several things were added to it in the next few years.

In 2002, the Theater Mall was added to the Music Museum. It is a cluster of cinemas, shops, dining places, nooks and kiosks.

In 2005, more cinemas, shops and dining places were added through the Promenade. In 2006, Teatrino joined the group, giving more entertainment and leisure options to customers.

Located in Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, the Music Museum is now a perfect destination for theater and concert aficionados, movie enthusiasts, shopaholics, foodies and hobbyists. Meanwhile, here is Charlie Green performing at the Music Museum:


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