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Marian Rivera-Dantes is Beautederm Home’s first Reverie celebrity endorser

BEAUTEDERM Corporation has welcomed Marian Rivera-Dantes to its growing family. Often dubbed as the most beautiful Filipino actress, she officially collaborates with the company as the first ever celebrity endorser of its newest line of products, Reverie by Beautederm Home.

A consistent Superbrands awardee, Beautederm was founded and established in 2009 by its President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan. The company embodies her principle that beauty begins by taking care of one’s self, and by doing so a person will become more healthy and shall exude beauty not only in the outside but in the inside as well.

As one of today’s top leaders in the beauty and wellness industry, Beautederm prioritizes safety and effectiveness above all with its FDA Notified products. The products only use natural ingredients that are perfectly synergized to deliver the fastest and most effective long-term and sustainable results.

Some of the flagship brands of Beautederm are Beautederm Facial Wash, and Beautederm Origin Senses perfumes for men and Beautederm Skin Set, which includes its patented soap, day cream and toner. These are all top-selling products in the market today.

Currently, Beautederm has 41 physical stores throughout the Philippines. It has over a hundred resellers both locally and internationally.

Reverie by Beautederm Home is an exquisite line of home scents from soy candles to room and linen sprays. These were created by Beautederm in collaboration with Rivera-Dantes to exhilarate and rejuvenate everyone at the comfort of their homes.

Actually, Reverie is a play of words between the actress’s maiden name and the concept of the brand’s desired effect to its users. This is to drift away, dream, and relax while basking in the extraordinary, sweet, and “beauteful” scents of love of Beautederm Home.

The Reverie line of Beautederm Home includes Into The Woods (Bamboo Scent), Smells Like Candy (Cherry Scent), Time To Bloom (Fresh Rose Scent), Something Minty (Eucalyptus Scent), and Rest & Relaxation (Lavender Scent). These were all created from formulation to individual packaging in very close collaboration with Rivera-Dantes.

An icon of beauty with a timeless charm, Rivera-Dantes has a keen sense of style coupled with the soothing aura of motherly warmth. These are just some of the many outstanding qualities that make her one of the most respected, enduring, and credible band endorsers in the Philippines today.

Rivera-Dantes has an unblemished track record when it comes to her career choices and personal life. As one of the industry’s finest actresses, she has starred in numerous critically-acclaimed films and a consistent string top-rating primetime series on GMA 7, the most recent of which was the drama-action-fantasy top-rater “Super Ma’am.”

Aside from acting, Rivera-Dantes is also one of the main hosts of GMA 7’s Sunday afternoon variety show “Sunday Pinasaya.” However, her top priority these days is her ultimate role as a wife, mother and homemaker as she seeks only the best for her family.

For Rivera-Dantes , to have a happy home is to have a warm, safe and pleasant environment where love, care, and comfort are overflowing and abundant. She said, “Finally, I can reveal one of my best kept secrets, Reverie by Beautederm Home.”

“This is really my personal choice for me and my family,” Rivera-Dantes continued. “I am very grateful to Beautederm and to Rhea for trusting me to represent this amazing line of products.”

Talagang ginamamit ko po ito sa bahay (I’m really using these at home) because I want only the best for my family,” Rivera-Dantes added. “Sobrang fresh at nakaka-relax ang amoy ng bahay namin at gusto ko itong i-share sa lahat (The scent in our home is very fresh and relaxing so I want to share this to everyone).”

Apparently, Rivera-Dantes is the perfect Reverie by Beautederm Home endorser. As Anicoche-Tan noted, “This is the reason why we partnered with Marian, to make her simple, practical yet very stylish lifestyle accessible to everyone.”

For more information on Reverie by Beautederm Home and exciting updates on Marian, follow @beautedermcorporation on Instagram and like Beautederm on Facebook.


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