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‘Bodied’ cast: 58 actors in Eminem-produced battle rap movie


Produced by Marshall Bruce “Eminem” Mathers III, Paul Rosenberg, Adi Shankar and Jil Hardin, battle rap comedy-drama movie “Bodied” premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. It will hit theaters on November 2, 2018 in the United States.

“Bodied” was written by Alex Larsen and directed by Joseph Khan. Here is the list of the cast members and their respective roles:

  1. Calum Worthy plays progressive graduate student Adam Merkin. While working on his thesis paper about battle rapping, he develops a passion for it.
  2. Jackie Long plays veteran battle rapper Behn Grymm. He is Adam’s battle rapping mentor.
  3. Anthony Michael Hall plays Adam’s father Professor Merkin. Adam studies at the community college where his father teaches.
  4. Rory Uphold plays Adam’s girlfriend Maya.
  5. Jonathan “Dumbfounded” Park plays Korean-American battle rapper Prospek. He is one of the first opponents of Adam.
  6. Lenard Larry “Charlamagne tha God” McKelvey plays battle rap promoter Hunnid Gramz.
  7. Bacher “Dizaster” Yagami plays loud and aggressive battle rapper Megaton.
  8. Simon Rex plays outlandish battle rap promoter and host Donnie Narco.
  9. Yves Bright plays Professor Kendall.
  10. Debra Wilson plays Dean Hampton.
  11. Walter Perez plays Che Corleone.
  12. Shoniqua Shandai plays Devine Write.
  13. Nijel “Hollow da Don” Bennett plays 40 MAG.
  14. Daniel Rashid plays MC Goggles.
  15. Corey Charron plays Billy Pistolz.
  16. Terence “Big T” Prejean plays X-Tract.
  17. Candice Renee plays Jas.
  18. Tony “Madness” Gomez plays Choke Artist.
  19. Vivian Lamolli plays Bella Backwoods.
  20. Lisa Maley plays Beck.
  21. Eddie Perino plays Jon.
  22. Eric Allen Smith plays Robert.
  23. Sloane Avery plays Loan Riley.
  24. Faithe Herman plays Grace.
  25. Amanda Valenti plays Ladeth Styrche.
  26. Lynn Moore plays Sweet Thing.
  27. Travis “Organik” Fleetwood plays a shot buyer.
  28. Tyrone Emanuel plays a rap battle gang member.
  29. Carrie Bernans plays a girlfriend of a rap battle gang member.
  30. Adi Shankar plays a campus security guard wearing turban.
  31. Calvin Tenner plays a guard bouncer.
  32. Lee Coc plays a house party coke dealer.
  33. Horecee St. Cyr plays a vomit girl.
  34. Cjon Saulsberry plays a bartender.
  35. John Walker plays a DJ who is a battle rap fan.
  36. Matt Alpert plays a student who is a battle rap fan.
  37. Vincent Washington as a battle rap fan.
  38. Dontez Hood plays a rap battle fan.
  39. Jonathan Page plays a rap battle fan.
  40. Stephaun Pender plays a rap battle fan.
  41. Philly Swain plays a short stop fan.
  42. Ashley Michelle Brenner plays a little girl protester.
  43. Leslie L. Miller plays a black protester.
  44. Becky Wu plays an Asian protester.
  45. Heather Leto plays a protester.
  46. Ryan Ochoa plays a library student.
  47. Jean Elie plays a college student.
  48. Jordan Campbell plays a college student.
  49. Daffany McGaray Clark plays a lady poet.
  50. Tierney Dale plays a girl fan.
  51. Jasmine Hester plays a campus girl.
  52. Iliana “Ili Ray” Raykovski plays a campus girl.
  53. Yoshio Iizuka plays  an old Asian man.
  54. Anthony Quinn Williams as a large man.
  55. Pat Stay plays himself.
  56. Peter “The Saurus” Morris
  57. Gregory “Illmaculate” Poe
  58. Troy “Smack White” Mitchell

Watch the official trailer of “Bodied” here:


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