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Miss Earth 2018 results: Karen Ibasco crowns Nguyen Phuong Khanh in Pasay City, Philippines

  • beauty pageantMiss Earth 2018
  • edition: 18th
  • venue: SM Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • date: November 3, 2018
  • number of contestants: 86
  • presenter: James Deakin
  • performer: Brian McKnight
Karen Ibasco
Karen Ibasco




  1. Webmasters Association of the Philippines president Wilbert Tolentino
  2. Yang Grui Group president Jacky Fan Zhonglin
  3. Environment Thematic Group chief Daniel Ponzi
  4. Flower Goddess Inc. founder Dr. Cristy Wo
  5. Philippines’ Security and Exchange Commission chairman Emilio Aquino
  6. Miss Earth founder Lorraine E. Schuck
  7. FVP head of program management Jose Mari Abacan
  8. international fashion designer Linh San
  9. Mrs. Universe 2018 Tram Luu



  • Miss Earth Goes Plastic Free: Maristella Okpala (Nigeria)
  • Darling of the Press: Emma Sheedy (Guam)
  • Goddess of Albay: Telma Madeira (Portugal)
  • Best in Terno: Telma Madeira (Portugal)



  • Miss Brisa Marina: Gabriela Franceschini (Dominican Republic)
  • Mis CBNC Award: Carolina Jane (Spain)
  • Miss Coral Bay Nickel Corporation Choice Award: Carolina Jane (Spain)
  • Miss Earth JACMI: Melissa Flores (Mexico)
  • Miss Ever Bilena: Ratu Vashti Annisa (Indonesia)
  • Miss People’s Choice City Ambassadress: Ratu Vashti Annisa (Indonesia)
  • Miss Psalmstre New Placenta: Ratu Vashti Annisa (Indonesia), Sayonara Veras (Brazil), Melissa Flores (Mexico)
  • Miss Pontefino Estates: Sayonara Veras (Brazil)
  • Miss Pontefino Hotel: Krystal Xamairy (Puerto Rico)
  • Miss Puerto Princesa Agutaya Club: Margo Fargo (South Africa)
  • Miss Puerto Princesa Centro Hotel: Nguyen Phuong Khanh (Vietnam)
  • Miss Robig Builders: Nguyen Phuong Khanh (Vietnam)
  • Miss Ruj Beauty Care and Spa: Nguyen Phuong Khanh (Vietnam)
  • Miss Sharp Award: Christie van Schalkwyk (Northern Ireland)
  • Miss Sponsor of DV Boer Farm Ambassadress: Priya Sigdel (Nepal)
  • Miss Sponsor of Facial Cleanse Ambassadress: Emma Sheedy (Guam)
  • Miss Sponsor of Forever Living Ambassadress: Belvy Naa (Ghana)
  • Miss Sponsor of Infinity Closet: Jessica Russo (Peru)
  • Miss Wellness Lumiere Skin and Spa: Carolina Jane (Spain)
  • Miss Visit Laus Auto Group: Carolina Jane (Spain)


TOP 18

  1. Melanie Mader (Austria)
  2. Sayonara Veras (Brazil)
  3. Antonia Figueroa (Chile)
  4. Valeria Ayos (Colombia)
  5. Belvy Naa (Ghana)
  6. Sofia Pavan (Italy)
  7. Mio Tanaka (Japan)
  8. Melissa Flores (Mexico)
  9. Katarina Seckovic (Montenegro)
  10. Priya Sigdel (Nepal)
  11. Margaretha de Jong (Netherlands)
  12. Celeste Cortesi (Philippines)
  13. Telma Madeira (Portugal)
  14. Denisse Andor (Romania)
  15. Danijela Burjan (Slovenia)
  16. Margo Fargo (South Africa)
  17. Diana Silva (Venezuela)
  18. Nguyen Phuong Khanh (Vietnam)


TOP 12

  1. Melanie Mader (Austria)
  2. Antonia Figueroa (Chile)
  3. Valeria Ayos (Colombia)
  4. Sofia Pavan (Italy)
  5. Melissa Flores (Mexico)
  6. Margaretha de Jong (Netherlands)
  7. Celeste Cortesi (Philippines)
  8. Telma Madeira (Portugal)
  9. Danijela Burjan (Slovenia)
  10. Margo Fargo (South Africa)
  11. Diana Silva (Venezuela)
  12. Nguyen Phuong Khanh (Vietnam)



  1. Melanie Mader (Austria)
  2. Valeria Ayos (Colombia)
  3. Sofia Pavan (Italy)
  4. Melissa Flores (Mexico)
  5. Celeste Cortesi (Philippines)
  6. Telma Madeira (Portugal)
  7. Diana Silva (Venezuela)
  8. Nguyen Phuong Khanh (Vietnam)



Miss Earth-Fire Melissa Flores
Lada Akimova
Miss Earth-WaterValeria Ayos
Nina Robertson
Miss Earth-Air Melanie Mader
Juliana Franco
MISS EARTHNguyen Phuong Khanh
Karen Ibasco

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