Is Sarah Rose Summers a stupid, xenophobic and ignorant racist and bully?


To be fair, Sarah Rose Summers, 24, of Omaha, Nebraska, United States does not deserve all these names her haters are calling her. I don’t think she is stupid, xenophobic and ignorant and I don’t believe she is a racist or a bully.

What Summers said H’Hen Nie, 26, of Cư M’gar, Đắk Lắk, Vietnam was just insensitive. Does it make the Nebraskan lady a xenophobe, racist and bully who is stupid and ignorant? Not necessarily.


If we strictly define stupidity as the quality of having below average intelligence, Summers does not fit the definition. She graduated from Texas Christian University cum laude with degrees in child development and strategic communication with a minor in business.

But if we define stupidity as the quality of having above average intelligence but not using it, then probably this definition applies to Summers only the moment she was describing how Nie was “pretending to know so much English.” We don’t know Miss USA 2018 enough to judge her intellectual range. The insensitive remark this Texas Christian University alumna made says a lot about her personality but not necessarily her intelligence or lack thereof.


A xenophobe is someone who hates or fears foreign people. We don’t have enough information to tell us whether or not Summers suffers from xenophobia.

Yes, Summers was insensitive when she giggled over Nie’s inability to speak English. The American lady did not say she hated or feared the Vietnamese woman. The former simply found it funny that the latter was pretending to know a lot of English despite not knowing any word in the language.


Strictly speaking, a person is ignorant when he or she does not know something he or she is expected to be aware of or educated about. Summers is not ignorant.

But in informal English, ignorant is being used as a synonym to rude. In this case, yes, Summers is ignorant.


A racist believes that his or her race is superior to another race. Summers did not say being American makes her better than Nie, who is not. This American woman probably has this feeling of superiority purely based on her race but we don’t have evidence of this.


A bully threatens or intimidates another person to achieve the feeling of being dominant. Summers didn’t do this Nie. Not that we are aware of or have evidence of.

People who are accusing Summers of stupidity, xenophobia, ignorance, racism and bullying may be wrong. But those who are saying that she does not have the qualities a Miss Universe queen must have seem to be right.

Anyway, enough about all these negative things. Let’s focus on the brighter side, such as Miss Philippines Catriona Gray singing “We’re in This Together,” her newly released single:

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  1. I really don’t know maybe few feel the current US president is racist many may know it was the Republican party that stood for black freedom not the democratic party and Mr trump has by opening John f Kennedy file may have said that parties of yore like the no nothing party was not really a party with large following anyway Lincoln’s not a Democrat and ku klux Klan was for Democrats and not the Republicans with criminal intentions of killing republicans alas


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