Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie earns admiration from around the world after Miss Universe 2018 Top 5 finish

After finishing in the Top 5 of Miss Universe 2018, Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie, 26, is receiving more and more praises from her fans from all over the world. The model with a Business Finance degree was the first representative from her country to make it to the Top 5 of the international beauty pageant.

Hailing from Đắk Lắk, Vietnam, Nie belongs to the Austronesian ethnic group Rade and was the first woman from an ethnic minority group to win Miss Vietnam. Videos of her simple life in her hometown went viral after her record-breaking finish in Miss Universe 2018.

Since Nie did not bring home the Miss Universe 2018 crown, she is being encouraged by her fans to join other international beauty pageants. In particular, her supporters are urging her to join Miss World, Miss International, Miss Grand International, Miss Supranational or Miss Earth.

Some also suggest that Nie should participate in “Asia’s Next Top Model” Cycle 7. A Vietnamese contestant has yet to win the Asian version of the modelling competition created by Tyra Banks.

The highest placement a Vietnamese model reached in “Asia’s Next Top Model” was first runner-up. In 2017, Nguyễn Minh Tú, 27, of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Shikin Gomez, 24, of Malaysia were runner-up to “Asia’s Next Top Model” Cycle 5 winner Maureen Wroblewitz, 20, of the Philippines.

In 2015, Nie participated in “Vietnam’s Next Top Model” Cycle 6, which aired on VTV from August 2, 2015 to October 11, 2015. She finished ninth.

Nie was crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 on January 6, 2018 at the Crown Convention Center in Nha Trang, Khánh Hoà, Vietnam. The final three are all “Vietnam’s Next Top Model” alums.

Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 second runner-up Mâu Thị Thanh Thuỷ won “Vietnam’s Next Top Model” Cycle 4 in 2013. Hoàng Thị Thùy, who was runner-up to Nie, won the second season of the competition in 2011.

In Miss Universe 2018, Nie stood out as a fashionable contestant. Her pixie cut also made her stand out among all the 94 candidates.

Prior to the Miss Universe 2018 coronation night, Nie was involved in a controversy along with Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers. The American contestant was widely criticized after being captured on video making fun of the Vietnamese contestant’s English ability.

Watch Nie model various dresses and costumes here:

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