‘Van Helsing’ Season 3 finale spoilers: Vanessa, Sam face off in ‘Birth Ritual’

Van Helsing

“Van Helsing” Season 3 episode 13 titled “Birth Ritual” will air on Syfy on December 28, 2018. It is the final episode of the third season of the dark fantasy horror drama series.

“Birth Ritual” will feature a face-off between Vanessa Van Helsing (Kelly Overton) and Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl). The two want to find the Last Elder.

Caught in the crossfire are Scarlett Harker (Missy Peregrym), Axel Miller (Jonathan Scarfe) and Mohamad (Trezzo Mahoro).

While fighting a vicious pack of Daywalkers, Axel faced his tragic past in his hometown in episode 11 titled “Been Away.” In the same episode, Sam, who could not find Mohamad, took his anger out on Chad (Donny Lucas) and Mike (Phil Burke).

Axel and Scarlett reunited in episode 12 titled “Christ Pose” and the former was badly injured before they could find Vanessa. Eventually, Axel and Scarlett found their way, thanks to a mysterious man.

In “Birth Ritual,” Julius will fight the Sisterhood. Elsewhere, Doc (Rukiya Bernard) will unlock the secrets in the Dark One’s blood.

Written by Jonathan Walker and directed by David Winning, “Birth Ritual” will also feature Maddox (John Cassini), Ivory (Jennifer Cheon), Scab (Rowland Pidlubny), Oracle (Jesse Stanley)

Toby Levins and Ian Hawes will make their respective “Van Helsing” debuts in “Birth Ritual.” The character of the former is named Bosworth while the latter will play a security guard.

Also appearing in “Van Helsing” for the first time is Nelson Wong. His character’s name is Nguyen.

Cindy Senaud will appear in “Birth Ritual” as a Denver citizen. She first played the character in episode 9 titled “Loud Love.”

For the second time, Chelsea Reist’s character Kelly will appear in “Van Helsing” Season 3. The first time the character appeared was in episode 11 “Been Away.”

Julie Lynn Mortensen is making her “Van Helsing” return in “Birth Ritual.” It will be the third episode to feature her character Lillian Van Helsing.

Here is a clip from “Van Helsing” Season 3 finale:

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