‘Mea Culpa’ actor Tony Labrusca apologizes to Bureau of Immigration officer

Tony Labrusca has issued an apology to the Bureau of Immigration officer he reportedly disrespected. The actor was accused of making a scene when he found out that he was given only 30 days to stay in the Philippines upon arriving in the country on January 3, 2019.

On January 5, 2019, Labrusca took to Twitter to explain the situation. Here is the complete statement:

I want to extend my sincerest apology to the superior Immigration Officer (I.O.) who was on duty and I had a talk with yesterday morning, 03 Jan 2019.

After lining up and crossing the immigration, I went up to the superior IO and we ended up going inside an enclosed space inside her office to discuss privately. I admit I was a bit frustrated and that I asked why I was only given 30 days to stay in the country this time. I was unaware of the policy that because I was not with my mother, I did not qualify for a Balikbayan stamp.

It was very upsetting for me. And I’m sorry that I somehow took my frustrations out on the Officer. But never did I ever call anyone stupid, nor an idiot much less brag about being a celebrity. I know for a fact that the officer is merely doing her job. My biggest mistake perhaps was letting my emotions get the better of me and again I’m sorry.

It was a long flight from Canada and while it is not a perfect excuse, I would like to start this year fresh both in my life and the people I’ve encountered with. Once again, I am deeply sorry for my reaction.

-Tony Labrusca

Labrusca is set to star in a drama crime thriller TV series titled “Mea Culpa,” which will premiere on ABS-CBN in 2019. His character Andrei Montelibano was originally set to be played by JC Santos.

Among Labrusca’s “Mea Culpa” co-actors are Jodi Sta. Maria as Josefina “Fina” Maniaga, Bela Padilla as Juris Montelibano, Kit Thompson as Greco Catapang, Sandino Martin as Gaylord Mamaril, Ketchup Eusebio as Ambrosio Bitangcol and Ivana Alawi as Lolita del Rio. Meanwhile, watch Labrusca’s live performance of “Tuloy Pa Rin” here:

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