‘True Detective’ Season 3 episode 2 spoilers: Missing kids’ parents receive cryptic note

“True Detective” Season 3 will premiere on January 13, 2019 on HBO with two episodes. The first episode titled “The Great War and Modern Memory” will be immediately followed by the second episode titled “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.”

Nic Pizzolatto wrote all the “True Detective” Season 3 episodes while Jeremy Saulnier directed the first two episodes. In “The Great War and Modern Memory,” viewers meet the main characters Wayne Hays (Mahershala Ali), Roland West (Stephen Dorff), Amelia Reardon (Carmen Ejogo) and Henry Hays (Ray Fisher).

Henry is the son of Wayne, a retired state police detective from Northwest Arkansas investigating the disappearance of siblings Will Purcell (Phoenix Elkin), 12, and Julie Purcell (Lena McCarthy) in 1980. The children’s parents are Tom Purcell (Scoot McNairy) and Lucy Purcell (Mamie Gummer).

Roland is Wayne’s partner. Romantically involved with Wayne, Amelia is a teacher who eventually writes a book about the investigation of the disappearance of the Purcell children.

Deborah Ayorinde plays one of the recurring characters, Wayne’s estranged daughter Becca Hayes. Kennedi Butler plays young Becca while Isaiah C. Morgan plays young Henry.

In “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye,” Henry will look back at the aftermath of the case involving the disappearance of the Purcell children in 1980 in West Finger, Arkansas. He will investigate possible evidence left behind at the Devil’s Den, an outdoor hangout for local children.

Two conspicuous suspects will emerge namely solitary vet and trash collector Brett Woodard (Michael Greyeyes) and Ted Lagrange (Shawn-Caulin Young), an ex-convict with a penchant for children. The investigation will come to a turning point when Tom and Lucy receive a cryptic note.

“Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” will feature Nick Basta as James Boyle, Richard Meehan as Frankie Boyle, Brett Cullen as Greg Larson, Corbin Pitts as Mike Ardoin, Michael Graziadei as Dan O’Brien, Keith Hudson as Ernest and Josh Whites as Joe. Also in the episode are Leslie Dianne as a townsperson, Michael Papajohn as a vice cop, Jennifer Pierce Mathus as a daycare matron, Grace Pitts as a student, James Michael Smith as a diner patron and Lawrence Turner as a foreman.

Filmed on location in Arkansas, “True Detective” Season 3 will settle in the Ozark mountain range. Watch the trailer of the new season from HBO here:

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