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Nicko Falcis: ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ actor Kris Aquino threatened Korina Sanchez, Ricky Lo, Mocha Uson, James Deakin, James Yap

“Crazy Rich Asians” cast member Kris Aquino is currently embroiled in controversy in the Philippines. She has been accused of several things, the latest is of which is having threatened several Filipino celebrities including Korina Sanchez, Ricky Lo, Mocha Uson, James Deakin and James Yap.

The accusation was from Aquino’s former project manager Nicko Falcis. The hullabaloo started when Aquino accused Falcis of using the credit card of her company Kristina C. Aquino Productions for personal expenditures.

In November 2018, Aquino filed complaints of qualified theft and violation of the Access Devices Regulation Act against Falcis. The latter denied the allegations and made several revelations that even fueled the controversy.

First, Falcis accused Aquino of funding a social media campaign to protect her brother former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III against internet trolls. The latter did not deny this.

Second, Falcis released an audio recording of a phone conversation he had with Kris. In the audio, the latter can be heard making threats against the former.

Again, Kris did not deny that the voice making threats against Falcis in the audio belonged to her. On January 16, 2019, she took to Instagram to explain this.

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#dontbeasawsawero #dontmakesawsaw Kalurx kasi yung in much need of a workshop because yung voice acting kulang (at least ako drama queen ang pintas ng trolls and may guessing game na kung kailan papatak ang tears on TV) sorry ha, but last time i saw him face to face when i asked for his resignation which he willingly signed, together with a quit claim & NDA, gusto akong kurutin ni R.A. because i was maldita and said- YOU ARE SO ANNOYING, PLEASE ENROLL IN A WORKSHOP? 2 hours kang trying to cry, until now walang tears! sabay irap & walk out… alam naman nya binubwisit ko lang ang life nya that Sept 27… Diba nga magmula nung Sunday night in April, di na kami nagusap ni brother, sa irita nya with me? Honest ako, i’ve seen Noy once in 9 months- in kuya josh’s hospital room- they were all so worried parating sya & i was still in St Luke’s & the guy who was responsible for the recording knew that. #awkward My 3 meek & mild, simple, super prayerful sisters will do harm? Wag naman bilugin ang utak ng tao. You & i know that was a bluff provoked by anger & fear because of my awful health diagnosis. Hindi naman ako nahihiya umamin, again R.A. and A.G. na present in the Sept 18 confrontation didn’t know where to look because ayaw nilang matawa, kasi nasabi ko: i’m not my brother, i’m not my sisters, because we all know- i’m not mabait… R.A. took meticulous notes from the face to face mtg. A.G. said: Madam, stating the obvious ka naman dun sa: i’m not mabait. R said: Alam mo, inulit mo yung “that bar” with matching hampas ng credit card bill and yung “Coke souvenirs from Atlanta” 8 times nakakaloka ka! i know i should be repentant pero ang hirap talaga kasi nga magna cum laude sya na inside out ng life ko alam. So i know he knew his level of guilt & my inability to make good on my “threat”… Sadly, this has been 1 badly orchestrated demolition job being funded by personalities out for political revenge… i’ll own na kasalanan ko ‘to. Diba kung ang tabihan mo may kuto, sure nang mahahawaan ka? Unforgivable for me? their timing- now that i am so physically weak. oh well, bilog ang mundo.

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As written in the Instagram post, Kris described the controversy as a “badly orchestrated demolition job being funded by personalities out for political revenge.” Falcis quickly took to Instagram to respond to this.

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I thought you’re a professional, but all you are is a spoiled girl who can’t deal with rejection and abandonment. All throughout this traumatic experience, I still ensured I protect our businesses and stakeholders first and foremost, but you just threw it all out just so you can be the bully and brat even in business. You can’t handle even the best out of any relationships. How can I steal credit card purchases or even investments, which everybody knows are all intact and running??? You used on me your usual tactics of money and power to threaten the people who go against you — I saw it all, Korina, Ricky Lo, Mocha, James (Deakin and Yap), etc. When you threatened my life, you said you would go and attack me in all directions. I thought people are going to abandon me, but instead they’re all supporting me, so much more than I ever imagined. I was so surprised that even the brands (agencies, bosses, managers) reached out to me saying they believe everything my family and I are saying. THANK YOU PO SA LAHAT! No More Bullying. Let’s end this #Krisis because I refuse to be her victim.

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Aside from describing Kris as “a spoiled girl who can’t deal with rejection and abandonment,” Falcis accused the “Crazy Rich Asian” actor of threatening the people who go against her. Here are the people he enumerated and their respective Instagram accounts:

Korina Sanchez


Ricky Lo


Mocha Uson

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James Deakin

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The only problem with these things are…

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James Yap


Kris has yet to respond to this most recent accusation. Meanwhile, here is Falcis explaining how the “Crazy Rich Asian” actor bullied him:

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