India’s Roshan Mainam praised by Evolve MMA head coach Eduardo Pamplona

Evolve MMA has released two episodes of its series featuring the global tryouts for mixed martial artists aspiring to become a part of Evolve Fight Team. In the second episode, the team’s head coach Eduard Pamplona, 43, of Brazil gave good words about some participants including Roshan Mainam, 25, of India.

“This guy is amazing too,” Pamplona said of Mainam. “(He is) strong. He has good attitude. He just kept going. Yesterday and today, he just didn’t stop.”

Hailing from Thoubal, India, Mainam is a four-time Delhi State Wrestling Champion. He is also a member of Guru Hanuman Akhara, a wrestlers training center established in 1925 at Shakti Nagar, Delhi, India.

Mainam started his career in wrestling in 2004 and in 2009, he trained at the New Delhi Wrestling Club. He pursued a career as a wrestler in the next four years and competed at a national level.

In 2016, Mainam transitioned to MMA. Now, the wrestler-turned-MMA fighter believes that it is about time for him to prove that he belongs to the top.

“I started MMA after wrestling as I was given support because of my wrestling background,” Mainam said in the second episode of Evolve Fight Team global tryouts series. “I have always believe that I will become a world champion. If I get a chance, then I will one day. I just need one chance and I will show you,” Mainam continued.”

According to Mainam, he was ill when he was a young boy, suffering from fevers for about three years. Other parents took their children away from him whenever he had a cough thinking he had a contagious illness, he revealed.

“My physique was also not good,” Mainam shared. “I had sore feet, like I had polio. No one wanted me. Everyone in my class would tease me because of my physique. At that time, I thought very little of myself, I had no idea how I would grow up.”

Now, Mainam does not have to think very little of himself as he is training with the best martial artists in the world at Evolve MMA in Singapore. This opens doors for the Indian MMA fighter to compete in top promotions like ONE Championship, Bellator MMA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Mainam’s fellow athletes featured in the Evolve Fight Team global tryouts series are Cole Ferrell, 26, and Troy Worthen, 25, of the United States; Shuya “Stealth” Kamikubo, 23, Yuya Shibata, 26, Hayato Ishii, 23, Hiroyuki “Last Samurai” Tetsuka, 29, Takashi Sato, 28, and Ryuto “Dragon Boy” Sawada, 23, of Japan; Kaynan “Bahia” Kruschewsky, 27, Joao Paulo “Babalu” Silva, 22, and Maira Mazar, 25, of Brazil; Nara Ha, 20, and Kyu Sung Kim,26, of South Korea; “The Giant” Aleksi Toivonen, 27, of Finland and Ruby Tyler, 30, of Australia. Watch the second episode of  here:

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