Stephen Loman’s mother Naty Loman reveals family’s tragic loss before ‘Brave 22: Storm of Warriors’

Cyrus Fees, Stephen Loman, Naty Nabehet Loman

Cyrus Fees, Stephen Loman, Naty Nabehet Loman

Reigning Brave Combat Federation Bantamweight Champion Stephen Loman, 23, of the Philippines was not called The Sniper for no reason. He is so quiet and so calm that people who do not know him yet would not notice that he is an explosive fighter.

As such, the Filipino mixed martial artist, one of the proteges of Team Lakay founder and head coach Mark Sangiao, is not very emotionally expressive at least in front of the media. I found out that the Brave CF champ is currently mourning the loss of an uncle only when I interviewed his mother, Madam Naty Nabehet Loman.

Stephen will have his third title defense as the reigning Brave CF Bantamweight Champion at “Brave 22: Storm of Warriors” at the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines on March 15, 2019. The public weigh-ins took place at the Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila in Pasay City on March 14, 2019.

Expected to join Stephen during the fight night is his ever supportive mother. She was also present during weigh-ins so we took the opportunity to have a quick interview with her.

“Unfortunately, on March 1, my… our youngest brother had a very tragic accident at NLEX while he was travelling to Baguio,” Stephen’s mother told me. “He was hit from behind and he died instantly so Stephen and I went to Pampanga Regional Hospital to process his body and brought home to Ifugao. It was very, very tragic for all of us.”

I then asked Madam Naty if she had considered pulling out Stephen out of the “Brave 22: Storm of Warriors” card because of the loss. She replied, “Yes, I was actually thinking of that.”

“I asked Stephen if how he can take it and if it’s possible for him to just pull out from this fight because I know that his uncle is really close to him and he had really been looking forward to this fight,” Stephen’s mother continued. “Unfortunately, this tragic event has happened. I knew that Stephen will really be emotionally affected so I was a little worried.”

Stephen neither said yes nor no when his mother asked him if he wanted to pull out from “Brave 22: Storm of Warriors.” The mother explained, “I just gave him a little bit of time but eventually, he decided to… He knew, he told me that it would be really hard for him to pull out because of the very short notice so what we did as a family was to sit down with him and to really encourage him and (helped him to) be focused then because this thing happened unexpectedly.”

“What is the advice that you always give Stephen every time he fights?” I asked.

“The number one advice that I give to my son is to… for him to be focused and to ask guidance and protection from, of course, the source of strength, which is God,” the mother of the reigning Brave CF Bantamweight Champion shared. Watch my interview with her here:

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