2014 Mr. Chinatown 2nd runner-up Timothy Yap is heartbroken but hoping

Timothy Lawrence Yap

Timothy Lawrence Yap

Timothy Yap, 24, is one of the actors currently under the wing of Arnold Vegafria’s ALV Talent Circuit. In a recent press conference, the Filipino-Chinese actor shared some details about his love life and his upcoming movie “Because I Love You.”

Yap was one of the actors who attended the press conference for “Because I Love You” on June 7, 2019 at the Chateau 1771 Events Place of El Pueblo in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines. He admitted to the members of the media present that he just came from a breakup.

In my one-on-one interview with Yap, I asked him again about his personal love life. He admitted that he is currently heartbroken but hoping.

But in “Because I Love You,” Yap is not going to play a heartbroken man. His character named Ford is one of the friends of the lead male character Rael, played by David Licauco.

Years before filming “Because I Love You,” Yap and Licauco knew each other. In 2014, they both competed in Mr. Chinatown.

It was Kurt Joshua Ong who won the 2014 Mr. Chinatown title. Licauco and Yap were the first and second runners-up, respectively.

In “Because I Love You,” Licauco plays a rich guy who plays polo. Played by Shaira Diaz, the lead female character named Summer is a firefighter.

Iba siya sa mga love story ng mga (typical) movies,” (It is difference from the love story of typical movies) Yap said of “Because I Love You.” “Ito is parang may twist na… actually, nangyayari ito in real life in a group. Meron kang gusto, meron kang gustong ano and then eventually magkakaroon ng conflict within the group so from there…” (This one has a twist like… actually, this happens in real life in a group. You like someone, you like something and then eventually, there will be a conflict within the group so from there…)

Basta abangan niyo,” (Just wait for it) Yap said and laughed. “Panoorin niyo. ‘Pag sinabi ko, wala na.” (Watch it. If I reveal everything, it is over.)

Watch my complete interview with Yap here:

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