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Go Mango has mango-based treats that uniquely quench dessert lovers’ cravings

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Go Mango knows how to make mango-based treats that will quench the cravings of dessert lovers in a unique way. The local soft serve and mango connoisseur is introducing new products namely the Mango Milk with Brown Sugar Boba, Mango Cheesecake and Mango Chocnut Cream.

Quite possibly the new favorite drink of dessert lovers, the Mango Milk with Brown Sugar Boba is Go Mango’s unique take on the milktea craze. Think fresh, sweet and irresistibly lip-smacking mangoes served with a thick froth of full cream milk, deliciously complemented by warm boba soaked in muscovado sugar to bring out its natural, toasted sugar flavor that people with sweet tooth simply cannot get enough.

Give it a little shake and all of the flavors and elements mix together in one delicious, refreshing cup. It is definitely a must-try.

Topped with heaps of grated cheese and fresh mangoes, the Mango Cheesecake is Go Mango’s signature soft serve ice cream is served in between oven-baked cheesecake crust with cream. This makes it two mouth-watering desserts in one decadent cup.

The Mango Chocnut Cream is an ode to everyone’s childhood favorite. This delightful treat is made up of layers of fresh mango slices, soft serve ice cream, and of course, the nutty goodness of Chocnut.

Because Go Mango is all about that premium dessert experience, it also has sundaes, shakes, and mango milk beverages. Among the best-sellers are the Mango Graham Sundae and the Mango Yakult Shake.

Offering best locally grown mangoes served with premium soft served ice cream and toppings, Go Mango has more delicious offerings launching soon, so stay tuned. It will also be opening two new branches in SM Manila in June 2019 and Century City Mall in July 2019.

Meanwhile, here is a clip from Go Manila:

For more details on the menu and branches, visit

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