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4 World Kickboxing Network titles on the line at ‘Ardissone Nice Full-Contact’ in Nice, France

'Ardissone Nice Full-Contact' fight card

The World Kickboxing Network is returning to French Riviera, France with the annual event titled “Ardissone Nice Full-Contact.” The most recent installment is taking place at the Salle Leyrit in Nice, France on June 15, 2019.

Featured on the “Ardissone Nice Full-Contact” card is a trio of WKN World championship bouts following the European title challenge. The roster includes the A-list representatives of the country-host up against international opponents coming from Malta, Italy, Slovakia and Belarus.

In the main event, French fighter Jonathan Pastorino takes on Keith Azzopardi of Malta. The pair battles it out for World Kickboxing Network Featherweight title in “Full Contact.” The championship bout is scheduled for 12 rounds.

In the co-main event, local star Jerome Ardissone faces Emidio Molinari of Italy. The encounter is a 12-round world championship bout at bantamweight.

The third world title bout features the representative of the host country Kamel Jebir up against Michal Duben of Slovakia. The super lightweight matchup is also scheduled for 12 rounds.

The WKN European Heavyweight Kickboxing championship features Anthony Leroy face off Fedor Koltun of Belarus. The bout is scheduled for five rounds under oriental rules.

The official weigh-in ceremony was conducted on June 14, 2019. The four-fight main card follows the preliminary card comprising six amateur matchup in kickboxing and Full Contact.

Here is the “Ardissone Nice Full-Contact” championship lineup:

WKN World Featherweight Full Contact Championship / 12x2mn
Jonathan Pastorino (France) vs. Keith Azzopardi (Malta)

WKN World Bantamweight Full Contact Championship / 12x2mn
Jerome Ardissone (France) vs. Emidio Molinari (Italy)

WKN World Super Lightweight Full Contact Championship / 12x2mn
Kamel Jebir (France) vs. Michal Duben (Slovakia)

WKN European Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship / 5x3mn
Anthony Leroy (France) vs. Fedor Koltun (Belarus)


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