Cost of compulsory third-party liability insurance in the Philippines


Compulsory third-party liability (CPTL) insurance is one of the things you need to have if you buy a car in the Philippines. The annual Land Transportation Office (LTO) registration of motor vehicles cannot be completed without this insurance as it is required by the law.

Upon the registration of the vehicle, the LTO gives CTPL insurance coverage. An accident is covered by the insurance if it was caused by the policy holder and it resulted to either bodily injury or death of a third party victim.

Knowing the cost of the car insurance you need is as important as knowing the cost of the car. Thankfully, many trusted websites and blogs can provide you with the necessary details.

In this generation that regards social media as a daily necessity, many people are vulnerable to misinformation so how much usable information can you get from the internet about the things you need to do and have as a car owner? If you Google best car insurance philippines, you are given several options of recommended car insurance providers in the country.

But before choosing your car insurance provider, you should know the costs of the insurance. For private cars, the cost of CPTL insurance is at least 650.40 pesos a year and it covers 100,000 pesos at most within the limits prescribed by the law.

Insurance providers are not allowed to charge more than what was set by the Insurance Commission (IC), which is regulating CPTL premiums. For models of the same vehicle type, the rates are the same.

As prescribed by the IC,  CPTL insurance for motorcycles costs 340.40 pesos. The insurance for trucks costs 700.40 pesos for those not exceeding 3,940 kg and 1,290 pesos for those that weigh more than 3,930 kg.

CPTL insurance is just one of the several types of car insurance in the Philippines. The others are the comprehensive car insurance, collision car insurance coverage, personal injury protection coverage and medical payments coverage.

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  1. I like that you mentioned the cost of the CTPL insurance and its coverage depending on the type of vehicle. Being knowledgeable with this kind of information will help the car owners know its cost that is regulated by the law. Knowing this will limit car owners from purchasing overpriced CTPL insurance. There’s a lot of insurance companies who are offering car insurance like CTPL, the struggle a car owner might encounter is knowing the right company to trust. Good thing I heard that there’s a website that provides CTPL insurance which we can get easily at an affordable price, the name is (


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