Bahrain’s no. 1 IMMAF-WMMAA rank makes Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa very happy

Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad al Khalifa (© Brave Combat Federation)

Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad al Khalifa (© Brave Combat Federation)

The Kingdom of Bahrain has reached the top of the mixed martial arts world as the country is now the leader of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation-World Mixed Martial Arts Association (IMMAF-WMMAA) world rankings, surpassing Kazakhstan, Sweden, Russia, and New Zealand. The positive results in the Asian and African Open tournaments were instrumental in the rise from Team Bahrain.

His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa expressed his utmost delight after seeing Bahrain topping the latest MMA ranking issued by the IMMAF-WMMAA. He is the first deputy president of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, the president of Bahrain Olympics Committee and an honorary president of Bahrain MMA Federation.

“We are very happy to see Bahrain on top of IMMAF-WMMAA’s ranking,” Al Khalifa said. “This confirms we are on the right path in the MMA sport as per the vision engineered to develop it, enabling the Kingdom’s champions to make honorable results.”

Bahrain led the African Open ahead of host county South Africa with four gold medals, two bronzes, and one silver. Also, Team Bahrain had a significantly positive result at the Asian Open with 13 medals in total, including five golds, one silver, and seven bronze medals.

After four years of Al Khalifa’s attention turning to the development of MMA in Bahrain and abroad, Team Bahrain has fulfilled one of its main objectives ahead of what promises to be a historical International Combat Week (ICW). Around 550 athletes from 60 nations will gather in the kingdom for the IMMAF-WMMAA World Championships on November 9-16, 2019.

The vision of Al Khalifa for the sport will once again be exposed to the entire world as his contributions continue to transform the mixed martial arts world and the sports industry as a whole. Meanwhile, here is Brave Combat Federation president Mohammed Shahid talking about the upcoming ICW 2019:

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