‘Malamaya’ star Enzo Pineda feels blessed to have worked with Sunshine Cruz, Raymond Bagatsing

Enzo Pineda

Enzo Pineda

Blessed. That is how Enzo Pineda described his feeling after having the opportunity to work with Sunshine Cruz and Raymond Bagatsing in the Cinemalaya 2019 film “Malamaya.”

“How was it working with Ms. Sunshine Cruz?” I asked Pineda during a “Malamaya” press conference on July 16, 2019 at Annabel’s Restaurant in Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines.

“First of all, Ms. Sunshine Cruz is my crush,” Pineda confessed. “And to be working with her is actually a dream come true. Ano ba naman ‘yong mga instances na makakatrabaho ko siya (What are the instances that I get to work with her)?”

Directed by Danica Sta. Lucia and Leilani Chavez, “Malamaya” is about Nora Simeon (Cruz), a pessimistic uninspired middle-aged artist who is led to a path of creative and sexual reawakening by a young photographer named Migs (Pineda). Chavez co-wrote the screenplay with Liberty Trinidad.

“To be part of this beautiful film, overall I just feel blessed to be working with my idols Sunshine Cruz, Mr. Raymond Bagatsing,” Pineda shared. “And I hope na suportahan niyo ito (that you support this) because this film is actually interesting. It’s not just about passionate romance but it’s about the life of a struggling artist in U.P. and fini-feature namin ang (we feature) different works of arts in the movie here.”

That is what Cruz keeps on emphasizing since sexy stills from “Malamaya” started to make the rounds online. This is more than just a May-December affair with daring scenes, she keeps on telling people.

“So it’s also a contrast between modern and traditional taking when it comes to arts,” Pineda explained. “Makikita niyo ‘yong mga differences so marami kayong matutunan na mga lessons dito (You will see the differences so you have many lessons to learn here).”

“Malamaya” will make its premiere at the CCP Main Theater of the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex in Pasay City, Metro Manila on August 3, 2019 at 10 a.m. Pineda is turning 29 on August 12, 2019 and he would love it if you watch the film as your birthday present for him.

Watch my full interview with Pineda here:

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