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V of BTS wears Ccnmade bracelets; Handmade accessory now sold out

Kim Tae Hyung

Kim Tae Hyung

BTS member Kim Tae Hyung, 23, who is professionally known as V, is an icon both in music and fashion. Using his influence for a good purpose yet again, the Korean singer, songwriter and actor helped increase the sales of a small charitable company called Choi Changnam made or ccnmade.

On August 2, 2019, ccnmade took to Instagram to share photos of V wearing its handmade bracelets. The company praised the BTS member and revealed that half of its staff is a member of the boy band’s fan club called Army.


What is great about the Ccnmade bracelets aside from the fact that they are handmade is that the fund raised from their sales are used to sponsor dogs, cats and children with heart disease. This is line with what V advocates for as he loves kids and animals, something every legitimate BTS Army member is aware of.

The BTS Army were united as they supported the Ccnmade bracelets that V wore. On August 21, 2019, the company took to Twitter to announce that they had to stop selling their handmade accessories temporarily because they run out of stock.

V is highly influential not only to his fans but also to his fellow artists. He has been considered one of the music influences of several K-pop stars including former Wanna One member Park Ji Hoon, 20, Jia Hanyu, 15, Boy Story, and Byun Hyun Min, 20, of Rainz, among others.

On April 12, 2019, Big Hit Entertainment released the sixth extended play of BTS titled “Map of the Soul: Persona.” Here is the music video of “Boy with Luv” featuring Ashley Nicolette “Halsey” Frangipane, 24, which is one of the songs from the EP:

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