[VIDEO] ‘Dungaw’ by Gloc-9 featuring Keiko Necesario questions privilege, poverty

Keiko Necesario, Gloc-9

Keiko Necesario, Gloc-9

Professionally known as Gloc-9, Filipino rapper Aristotle Pollisco, 41, is releasing an independent song titled “Dungaw” featuring Keiko Necesario. The music video of the song will premiere on YouTube on September 13, 2019.

After 22 years, seven studio albums, three EPs and two decades of iconic hits, Gloc-9 is shifting gears and going independent. The song “Dungaw” is the best song to do it with.

Gloc-9 is known to work with different voices and perspectives in his songs. This time around, he speaks in the voice of an unnamed man, confused about the visits he was receiving, wondering about the moment the song captures.

As the song unravels, so does the story of this man’s life, the choices he had made, the ones that led him to this point. But the final punch is in the song’s culmination when a final visitor allows him to ask a battery of painful questions.

In the lyrics of “Dungaw,” Gloc-9 asks why suffering continues for many and why certain sins are not forgiven. He also asks why wealthy people get away with anything and questions the existence of privilege and poverty and the answers are in the mere fact that these questions are being asked.

Through “Dungaw,” Gloc-9 reveals yet again that his power lies in his storytelling that it is his songwriting that is his constant and that it can only get better with age as he continues to insist not just on creative growth. More importantly, the Filipino rapper continues to speak about the lives that many people refuse to see and takes on the voices that most people refuse to hear.

Prior to “Dungaw,” Gloc-9 collaborated with Sean Patrick “Shanti Dope” Ramos, 18, and Alfonso “Chito” Y. Miranda Jr., 43, of the Filipino rock band Parokya ni Edgar. The three released a song titled “Pati Pato,” which featured Shanti Dope’s uncle and producer Lester “DJ Klumcee” Vaño.

As the narrative in “Dungaw” unfolds, so does Gloc-9’s new chapter as an independent rapper and songwriter. Take a peak at the song and welcome the Filipino rapper into the indie fold here:

Download Gloc-9’s song “Dungaw” featuring Keiko Necesario here.

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