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Brandon Vera: Aung La N Sang is a man among men

Aung La N Sang

Aung La N Sang

For ONE Heavyweight World Champion Brandon “The Truth” Vera, 41, of the Philippines, ONE Middleweight and Light Heavyweight World Champion Aung La N Sang, 33, of Myanmar is a good role model, a true martial artist and a person everyone can look up to and aspire to become. The two are set to headline the second part of “ONE: Century 世紀” at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan on October 13, 2019.

“Aung La is younger than me but as a whole he is a man among men, and I do put him in a different category to other people,” Vera said of Aung. “He’s very well-rounded in life. He’s an alpha male in the most respectful and polite manner. If the world was full of Aung Las, the world would be a better place.”

While Vera has much respect for Aung, the Filipino-American mixed martial arts veteran believes that he could beat Aung at “ONE: Century 世紀” past the first round. The two will compete for the ONE Middleweight World Championship.

Vera finds it hard to break down Aung’s fighting style. The Filipino-American challenger could not really pick apart the Burmese defending champion’s game.

“We’re almost related,” Vera explained. “His coach came from my coach. We train the same, we know the same hardships, we’ve been through that grind.”

Aung’s new coach Henri Hooft was training with Vera’s former head kickboxing coach Rob Kaman. Since they were 17 years old, Hooft and Kaman have been sparring with each other so Vera and Aung’s styles are almost the same, according to the contender from the Philippines.

“I think the biggest difference between us is our experience,” Vera pointed out. “During his matches, I look for those little holes he still has because of his lack of experience. I’m not going to outpace Aung La, I’m not going to outwork Aung La.”

“I’m not going to be a bully because that’s impossible,” Vera continued. “He’s been through the same system. I have to find holes in Aung La’s game and exploit them while he’s doing the same thing to me. We come from the same school, the same train of thought, so this is why I’m super excited for this match.”

Meanwhile, here is Aung’s message to Vera:

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