Paradigm partner Tom Windish teams with Future Classic to launch WILDER


Future Classic and Paradigm super-agent Tom Windish has announced the formation of a new record label WILDER, a singles oriented joint-venture set on creating a release pipeline for emerging young artists and bands. Named after his newborn son, it was launched on October 16, 2019 with the re-release of ”Applesauce,” the first single from Indiana-based singer and producer Sam Latty, 19, who is professionally known as Sam.Sts.

Tom Windish

Considered somewhat of a savant when it comes to spotting talent early, Windish has set new standards in the world of touring with artists like Lorde and most recently Billie Eilish. Now, he is adding yet another incubator to his bag of A&R tricks with WILDER.

“WILDER is a means to get music released, promoted and discovered by as many people as possible,” Windish explained. “Quite simply, we’re willing to promote and release music before anybody else is.”

Future Classic

Future Classic is the home to giants like Flume and Nick Murphy, formerly known as Chet Faker. Earlier this year, it announced its Studio Residency program with Dropbox where emerging and unsigned artists can apply for two-week mentorships with its team at its  recording studio in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Sam.Sts is a product of that collaborative residency. He spent his two weeks at Future Classic in September 2019 writing with young producers and artists like Lecx Stacy, Naz, Matt Neighbour and Noah Breakfast, among others.

“I’ve known Nathan and the Future Classic crew for a long time,” Windish shared “They have outstanding curation, creativity and work ethic. I cannot emphasize their long-term approach to artist development enough. It was for that reason I could not think of a better label partner.”

The Future Classic Residency is running until December 2019. Interested applicants can learn more and apply via Future Classic.


Future Classic founder and CEO Nathan McLay has nothing but praises for Sam.Sts. The former described the latter as an amazing artist.

“His music has both depth and a sense of freedom and lightness,” McLay said of Sam.Sts’s musicality. “He’s fresh but also got old school class.”

With Sam.Sts, Windish knew he had something special and his ambitions to be involved beyond touring were too fervent to ignore. The Future Classic and Paradigm super-agent said he just could not stop playing the Indiana-based singer and producer’s “Applesauce,” which is the forthcoming debut single for WILDER.

Expect more WILDER singles throughout 2020. Here is Sam.Sts performing “Applesauce” live:

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