Destroyer releases ‘Crimson Tide’ music video, 2020 tour schedule

Dan Bejar (© Merge Records)

Dan Bejar (© Merge Records)

Canadian rock band Destroyer released a new music video for “Crimson Tide” on October 22, 2019. The song is the lead single from the band’s forthcoming LP titled “Have We Met” due January 31, 2020.

In a typical Dan Bejar fashion, “Crimson Tide” is a melancholy mover, its concerns whisked along by a driving beat rumbling bass and a whimsical piano. The track comes as the band’s first new song since the 2017 song “ken.”

Formed in 1995, Destroyer has eight members namely Bejar, John Collins, David Carswell, Ted Bois, Nicolas Bragg, Joseph Shabason, JP Carter and Joshua Wells. Directed by David Galloway, the “Crimson Tide” music video is the band’s eighth video.

“Do you like the 1985 politico-dance-thriller ‘White Nights?'” Carswell asked. “What about John Hughes’ controversial 1986 proleteeniat love letter to the hoi polloi ‘Pretty in Pink?’ What do these seminal films of the 1980s have to do with Destroyer’s overture to 2020 ‘Have We Met?'”

“They are canonized not only by their groundbreaking and visionary contributions to Hollywood,” Carswell continued. “They are escorted by the rarefied but much-maligned movie tie-in music video so this is like that, only a little bit different. I don’t know if this particular movie is a movie in the traditional sense of the trope and I don’t know if there will be a soundtrack. There might be a bootleg mix-tape though.”

“That movie is ‘Ashcroft,’ an ambiguous short, an art-house film that explores time, memory, fruit, the landscape of the British Columbia interior and recovery from and into deception,” the “Crimson Tide” music video director added. “’Ashcroft’  is not a place of passive rest but rather an intoxicating playground for excavation and manipulation’ is a quote from the filmmakers’ press release.”

Carswell noted that movies need songs and vice versa. He described the “Crimson Tide” music video as “a music video about a movie or for a movie or really just with a movie.”

“The point is they love each other,” Carswell explained. “With ‘Crimson Tide,’ Destroyer introduces listeners to yet another version of the Bejar Enigma and ushers viewers to seats in an alternate cinematic universe.”

“The dramatic music video that ties in to film is a lost art or maybe it’s just a vulgar one,” Carswell continued. “Either way, there are no rotten tomatoes here, only rotten apples.”

The “Crimson Tide” single and “Have We Met” album announcement comes alongside a series of upcoming tour dates in the United States and Canada. Here are the dates and venues:

*with Eleanor Freidbeger

  • February 21, 2020: Aladdin Theater, Portland, Oregon, USA
  • February 22, 2020: August Hall, San Francisco, California, USA
  • February 23, 2020: Regent Theater, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • February 24, 2020: Club Congress, Tucson, Arizona, USA
  • February 26, 2020: The Mohawk, Austin, Texas , USA
  • February 27, 2020: Club Dada, Dallas, Texas, USA
  • February 28, 2020: Granada Theater, Lawrence, Kansas, USA
  • February 29, 2020: Turf Club, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
  • March 1, 2020: Thalia Hall, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • March 2, 2020: Deluxx Fluxx, Detroit, Michigan, USA

*with Nap Eyes

  • March 4, 2020: Opera House, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • March 5, 2020: Theatre Fairmount, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • March 6, 2020: The Sinclair, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • March 7, 2020: Brooklyn Steel, New York, New York, USA
  • March 8, 2020: Underground Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • March 9, 2020: Black Cat, Washington, D.C., USA
  • March 11, 2020: Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
  • March 12, 2020: Terminal West, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • March 13, 2020: Mercy Lounge, Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  • March 14, 2020: Blueberry Hill, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
  • March 15, 2020: The Waiting Room, Omaha, Nebraska, USA
  • March 16, 2020: Bluebird Theater, Denver, Colorado, USA
  • March 17, 2020: Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
  • March 19, 2020: Neumos, Seattle, Washington, USA
  • March 20, 2020: Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Fans of Destroyer can pre-order “Have We Met” now on CD, LP and seafoam green Peak Vinyl in the Merge store. Meanwhile, watch the “Crimson Tide” music video here:

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