Zack Villere releases ‘Sore Throat’ track, music video

Zack Villere

Zack Villere

Artist, singer, songwriter and producer Zack Villere released a new track titled “Sore Throat” along with an accompanying music video on October 22, 2019. The song boasts his trademark vocal delivery and expressive guitar riffs much like his previous material.

Instead of relying on percussion, Villere guides the beat using the strumming of his guitar, creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere easy to sink into. Paradoxically at ease with his own existential crisis, he drones, “Am I falling in love or just falling apart?”

Hailing from Covington, Louisiana, United States, Villere started his music career when he was studying jazz saxophone in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Early work showcased him as a producer releasing music under the moniker Froyo Ma and brought different artists into the fold of his unique electronic stylings.

After moving from Covington to Los Angeles, California, USA, Villere released his debut “Little World,” the first under his full name in June 2017. The release saw praise from artists across musical genres and culminated with a viral moment around the video for his song “Cool” from the album.

Since then, Villere has sold out headlining shows in New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans and is gearing up for Tropicalia Festival and a Spring nationwide headline tour. He has been featured in Pigeons & Planes, FADER and DAZED Magazines but all of that is peripheral to his growth as an artist and a person.

Villere takes the time to craft his next clear musical statement. As the album comes to fruition over the next few months, his unequivocal ability to be himself in everything he does will remain constant.

“With this album and my last, I started building the world in my head before I actually moved forward with the music,” Villere shared. “I was making songs, but until I had a clear image of where it all took place nothing really stuck.”

“The video is meant to represent that world as best as I could with my surroundings,” Villere continued. “I tried to make a fake city within a city I wanted the process to feel like a kid turning his back yard into another planet for a little short film or something.”

Dan Streit co-directed the “Sore Throat” music video with Villere. The cityscape visuals of the video complement the song’s pining for human interaction.

From construction sites to bustling intersections, Villere attempts to stand out from the surrounding action. His adventures carry him across the city on a motorbike and end much sooner than expected.

Like any cherished moment, the “Sore Throat” music video ends up feeling almost too brief to appreciate. Watch it here:

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