Miss Tourism Queen Worldwide 2019 results: Vietnam’s Huynh Vy’s successor crowned in the Philippines

  • Beauty Pageant: Miss Tourism Queen Worldwide 2019
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Date: October 28, 2019
  • Venue: AFP Theater, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Number of candidates: 27


  1. Maddy May (Australia)
  2. Goitse Bridget Khwae (Botswana)
  3. China
  4. Ecuador
  5. Estonia
  6. Roosa Elina Sandelin (Finland)
  7. Magalie Bab (France)
  8. Qui Yijing (Hong Kong)
  9. Randrianasolo Andon Aina (Madagascar)
  10. Yingwei Chuah (Malaysia)
  11. Nurul Asyiqin Faisal (Malaysia 2)
  12. Felicia Cepeda (Mexico)
  13. Chaima Hejam (Morocco)
  14. Nang Aung (Upper Myanmar)
  15. Monique (Namibia)
  16. Prajita Tamang (Nepal)
  17. Chijioke Chiamaka (Nigeria)
  18. Theresa Diana Macalino Pazcoguin (Philippines)
  19. Natalia Janoszek (Poland)
  20. Russia
  21. Zamakhanyayo Nontlanga (South Africa)
  22. South Korea
  23. Natasha Jeg (United Kingdom)
  24. Jenniferr Millett (United States)
  25. Duong Yen Nhung (Vietnam)
  26. Esther Chilipi (Zambia)
  27. Aaron Tania Tatenda (Zimbabwe)


Best in National Costume

  • Winner: (Korea)
  • 1st runner-up: Felicia Cepeda (Mexico)
  • 2nd runner-up: Chaima Hejam (Morocco)
  • 3rd runner-up: Natalia Janoszek (Poland)
  • 4th runner-up: Theresa Diana Macalino Pazcoguin (Philippines), Duong Yen Nhung (Vietnam)

Best in Long Gown

  • Winner: Yingwei Chuah (Malaysia)
  • 1st runner-up: Theresa Diana Macalino Pazcoguin (Philippines)
  • 2nd runner-up: Felicia Cepeda (Mexico)


Special Awards

  • Best in VTR: Duong Yen Nhung (Vietnam)
  • Peoples Choice Award: Jenniferr Millett (United States)
  • Miss Photogenic: China

Continental Queens

  • Miss Tourism Queen Worldwide Asia: Qui Yijing (Hong Kong)
  • Miss Tourism Queen Worldwide Europe: Janozsek Natalia (Poland)
  • Miss Tourism Queen Worldwide Africa: Chijioke Chiamaka (Nigeria)
  • Miss Tourism Petite Worldwide: Nhang Aung (Upper Myanmar)
  • Miss Tourism Queen Worldwide Queen of Peace: Nurul Asyiqin Faisal (Malaysia 2)

Top 15

(according to order of announcement)

  1. Jenniferr Millett (United States)
  2. Janozsek Natalia (Poland)
  3. Theresa Diana Macalino Pazcoguin (Philippines)
  4. Chaima Hejam (Morocco)
  5. Aaron Tania Tatenda (Zimbabwe)
  6. Chijioke Chiamaka (Nigeria)
  7. Duong Yen Nhung (Vietnam)
  8. Yingwei Chuah (Malaysia)
  9. Felicia Cepeda (Mexico)
  10. Qui Yijing (Hong Kong)
  11. South Korea
  12. Prajita Tamang (Nepal)
  13. Nhang Aung (Upper Myanmar)
  14. NT Hong Kong
  15. South Africa


Designation Outgoing Queen (2018) Newly Crowned Queen (2019)
4th runner-up Lam Yin Ting Lam (Malaysia) Aaron Tania Tatenda (Zimbabwe)
3rd runner-up Natasha Selkrig (Australia) Jenniferr Millett (United States)
2nd runner-up Sookini Sutnga (India) Chaima Hejam (Morocco)
1st runner-up Kamille Alyssa Quinola (Philippines) Theresa Diana Macalino Pazcoguin (Philippines)
Miss Tourism Grand Queen International Jongkol Chokinplub (Thailand) Felicia Cepeda (Mexico)
Miss Tourism Global Queen International Nan Htet Htet Lin (Myanmar) Duong Yen Nhung (Vietnam)
Miss Tourism Queen Worldwide  Huynh Vy (Vietnam) Yingwei Chuah (Malaysia)

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