August Eve releases ‘Ashes in a Vase’ lead single ‘Ashes’

August Eve

August Eve

August Eve, 22, released “Ashes” on October 29, 2019. It is the lead single of “Ashes in a Vase,” the debut extended play of the singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

“Ashes” is a glossy, impeccably-produced neo-soul tune complete with heart-gripping string arrangements and haunting harmonies. Eve said the track is “about feeling like the people closest to you are emotionally unreachable and the expectations we have on them.”

As the song demonstrates, Eve boasts a remarkable capacity for making life’s heaviest experiences digestible in a way that still retains their relatable qualities and emotional depth. She explained, “The whole concept of ‘Ashes in a Vase’ alludes to this feeling and idea: the charred remains of something that once was, housed in something picturesque and marvel-worthy.”

“Ashes in a Vase” will be released via  Mad Decent on November 19, 2019. The EP is Lynchian-tinted ode to resilience and addresses many heavier topics one experiences in this life, fantasy as escapism, superficial and emotionally void connections, denial and fear, and all the unhealthy coping mechanisms people employ to deal with everything.

Sonically incorporating elements of 1970s glam, classical sensibilities, pop and neo-soul, Eve’s highly recognizable voice carries the EP and makes it nothing less than fearless and bold. Her musical journey began at a young age when, as a child, she taught herself to play piano by ear and later learned the bass and guitar on her own.

At the age of 9, Eve began singing as part of her Catholic school choir, led by Grammy-nominated conductor Paul Salamunovich. It was her official intro to vocal performance and music.

While enrolled in performing arts high school, Eve began experimenting with avant-garde and modern sounds, combining her long-standing love for world music, global cultures, ancient and classical choral arrangements and pop-leaning melodies. At age 16, she discovered her sonic identity and began to write, record, and release her own solo material.

According to Eve, her sonic identity is an “amalgamation of synths, vintage-inspired rhythms and stacked vocals, all glossed over with a heavy dose of reverb.” In 2016, she officially debuted on the scene via “Ghost,” a double single which she self-released.

“Ghost” showcased the artist’s signature style, which combine heart-rending vocals and moving lyrics set to downbeat rhythms and beautifully arranged melodies that together pull you to feel something deep down within your soul. Since her debut release, the world expanded further for her.

Among the creatives Eve has shared stages with were Cuco, Empress Of and The Marias. Recently, Eve embarked on a nation-wide tour with Helado Negro.

Eve wrote, arranged, and produced every song on “Ashes in a Vase,” leaving no detail unconsidered. Here is the list:

  1. In Whose Image
  2. Venus At The Mirror
  3. Venus (Interlude)
  4. Ashes
  5. Blue
  6. Outro

“Ashes” is now available to stream on Mad Decent. Her fans may also listen to the song here:

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