beauty pageant results

Miss America 2020 results: New York’s Nia Franklin crowns successor in Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, Connecticut

  • Beauty Pageant: Miss America 2020
  • Edition: 93rd
  • Date: December 19, 2019
  • Venue: Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, Connecticut, United States
  • Hosts: Kit Hoover, Mario Lopez
  • Number of candidates: 51
  • Outgoing queen: Nia Franklin (New York)



  1. Lauren Ash
  2. Karamo Brown
  3. Kelly Rowland


  • Best in On Stage Interview: Victoria Hill (Georgia), Jade Glab (New Jersey)
  • Best in Talent: Victoria Hill (Georgia), Camille Schrier (Virginia)
  • Equity and Justice Scholarship Award: Alexandra Badgett (North Carolina)
  • Social Impact Initiative Scholarship Award: Annika Wooton (Kansas)
  • STEM Scholarship Award: Morgan Nichols (South Carolina)
  • Women in Business Scholarship Award: Alex Francke (Kentucky)
  • Dr. and Mrs. David Allman Medical Scholarship Award: Mo Shea (Montana)
  • Beacom College STEM Scholarship Award: Simone Esters (Missouri)
  • Tiffany Phillips Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Award: Allie Swanson (Nebraska)
  • Private Interview Award: Mallory Rivard (Michigan), Shivali Kadam (Oregon)

TOP 15

  1. Tiara Pennington (Alabama)
  2. Eileen Kim (California)
  3. Monica Thompson (Colorado)
  4. Jillian Duffy (Connecticut)
  5. Michaela McLean (Florida)
  6. Victoria Hill (Georgia)
  7. Nicole Holbrook (Hawaii)
  8. Annika Wooton (Kansas)
  9. Simone Esters (Missouri)
  10. Jade Glab (New Jersey)
  11. Lauren Molella (New York)
  12. Alexandra Badgett (North Carolina)
  13. Addison Price (Oklahoma)
  14. Chandler Foreman (Texas)
  15. Camille Schrier (Virginia)


  1. Tiara Pennington (Alabama)
  2. Monica Thompson (Colorado)
  3. Jillian Duffy (Connecticut)
  4. Victoria Hill (Georgia)
  5. Simone Esters (Missouri)
  6. Addison Price (Oklahoma)
  7. Camille Schrier (Virginia)


Designation Outgoing Queen (2019) Newly Crowned Queen (2020)
4th runner-up Gabriela Taveras (Massachusetts) Jillian Duffy (Connecticut)
3rd runner-up Taylor Tyson (Florida) Addison Price (Oklahoma)
2nd runner-up Holli Conway (Louisiana) Simone Esters (Missouri)
1st runner-up Bridget Oei (Connecticut) Victoria Hill (Georgia)

Miss America

Nia Franklin (New York) Camille Schrier (Virginia)

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