Complete list of 2019 Asian Television Awards nominees, winners

Asian Television Awards

  • Awards: 2019 Asian Television Awards
  • Edition: 24th
  • Event Dates: January 10-12, 2020
  • Venue: Newport Performing Arts Theaters, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Hosts: Cathy Yang, Mark Neumann, Ase Wang, Wallace Ang
  • Presenters: Ruhainies Farehah, Martin del Rosario, Diana Zubiri
  • Performers: Martin Nievera, Morisette, Jona, Anggun, Cherry Bullet, Jasmine Henry, Kiana Valenciano, Gab Valenciano, Hoang Yen Chibi, Kris Lawrence, Arman Ferrer


Best Digital Non-Fiction Programme Series

  • “Painted Love : Our Story” (China) *WINNER
  • “What You Never Knew About The Communist Party of China” (China)
  • “We Are Young” (China)
  • “MAMBA : The Dream” (Hong Kong)

Best Digital Fiction Programme Series

  • “Social Syndrome” (Thailand) *WINNER
  • “It’s Complicated” (Thailand)
  • “MYSTIFIED” (Philippines)
  • “AI CHET GIO TAY” (Vietnam)

Best Original Digital Drama Series

  • “Great Men Academy” (Thailand)
  • “The Deadline” (Thailand) *WINNER
  • “Born Beautiful” (Philippines)
  • “Paddles Up!” (Singapore)
  • “KL Gangster Underworld” (Malaysia)
  • “MAMBA: The Dream” (Hong Kong)

Best Original Digital Entertainment Programme

  • “The House” Season 5 (Malaysia)
  • “Culture Express” (South Korea)
  • “MAMBA: The Dream” (Hong Kong)
  • “Super Nova Games” (China) *WINNER

Best Scriptwriting for Web Series

  • “The Deadline” (Thailand) *WINNER
  • “What the Duck: The Series” (Thailand)
  • “PADDLES UP!” (Singapore)
  • “I Actor” (China)

Best Music Video

  • “Sandcastles” by Olinda Cho (Singapore) *WINNER
  • “Little Singham” by Chala London (India)

Best Influencer Content/Series

  • “Paskal 24 Jam” (Malaysia)
  • “Opal All Around” Season 2 The Battle (Thailand)

Best Branded Content (<15 minutes)

  • “Money Money HomeSeason” Episode 9 Segment 3 (Malaysia)
  • “Litchi Literature and Art Lessons: Carrying Tradition into the Future” (China)
  • “Being Green in Partnership with National Geographic & EcoWorld” (Malaysia)
  • “Queensway: Home of Football” (Singapore) *WINNER

Best Branded Content (>15 minutes)

  • “Mother Hodd” (Philippines)
  • “Cargills Heroes” (Sri Lanka)
  • “Prison Rat” (Thailand) *WINNER
  • “Geng Mak-Mak” (Malaysia)

Best Branded Marketing Content

  • “Mitsubishi Adventure with National Geographic” (Malaysia) *WINNER
  • “DS 7 Crossback : DS With Passion” (Singapore)
  • “The Face Vietnam” (Vietnam)

Best Leading Male Performance (Digital)

  • “Great Men Academy” actor Teeradon Supapunpinyo (Thailand)
  • “Great Men Academy” actor Krissanapoom Pibulsonggram (Thailand)
  • “Born Beautiful” actor Martin del Rosario (Philippines) *WINNER

Best Leading Female Performance (Digital)

  • “Prison Rat” actress Kannika Namwicha (Thailand)
  • “The Deadline” actress Miss Chanya McClory (Thailand) *WINNER
  • “Abandoned” actress Machida Sutthikulphanich (Thailand)

Best Host/Presenter (Digital)

  • Panirin Tumwattana (Thailand) *WINNER
  • The Finishers (Hong Kong)

Best News Presenter/Anchor

  • Zou Yue (China)
  • Tuhi Martukaw (Jocelyn Ting-Hui Hung Chien) (Taiwan)
  • Kishore Ajwani (India)
  • Zakka Jacob (India)
  • Cito Beltran (Philippines)
  • Cathy Yang (Philippines) *WINNER
  • Hirotada Ototake (Japan)

Best Current Affairs Presenter

  • Ade Mulya (Indonesia)
  • Zilvia Iskandar (Indonesia)
  • Andini Effendi (Indonesia) *WINNER

Best Entertainment Presenter/Host

  • Julian Waghann (China)
  • Kan Kanththavorn (Thailand)
  • Karan Johar (India)
  • Alana Nichols (Taiwan) *WINNER
  • Kamal Haasan (India)
  • Varavuth Jentanaku (Thailand)
  • Varavuth Jentanaku (Thailand)

Best Sports Presenter/Commentator

  • Kate Burton (Australia)
  • Kelly Latimer (Australia)
  • Michael O’Dwyer (Australia) *WINNER
  • Michael Schiavello (Singapore)

Best Actor in a Leading Role

  • “A Thousand Goodnights” (一千个晚安) actor Nicholas Teo (Taiwan)
  • “First Love” actor William Hsieh (Taiwan) *WINNER
  • “Survive” actor Wu Zheng-di (Taiwan)
  • “True of a Last” actor Thanwa Souliyachack (Thailand)
  • “The Gifted” actor Korapat Kirdpan (Thailand)
  • “My True Friend” actor Deng Lun (China)
  • “Don’t Sleep My Hero” actor Isariya Patharamanop (Thailand)
  • “Bangkok Love Stories: Plead” actor Chanon Santinatornkul (Thailand)

Best Actress in a Leading Role

  • “The Light Your Eyes” actress Kim Hye-Ja (South Korea)
  • “A Thousand Goodnights” (一千个晚安) actress Yu-Han Lien (Taiwan)
  • “Girl’s Powe” actress Shu Han, Liang (Taiwan)
  • “True Life of a Drama Queen” actress Tisanart Sornsuek (Thailand) *WINNER
  • “Barangay 143” actress Julie Anne San Jose (Philippines)
  • “My True Friend”actress Angelababy (China)
  • “Don’t Sleep My Hero” actress Khemanit Jamikorn (Thailand)
  • “Bangkok Love Stories: Plead” actress Sutatta Udomsilp (Thailand)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

  • “First Love” actor Lawrence Liu (Taiwan)
  • “Girl’s Power” actor Lin Ming Zue (Taiwan)
  • “Curse of a Weretiger” actor Poonpat Atthapunyapol (Thailand)
  • “The Gifted” actor Attaphan Poonsawat (Thailand) *WINNER
  • “Happy Birthday” actor Purim Rattanaruangwattana (Thailand)
  • “My True Friend” actor Zhu Yi Long (China)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

  • “SKY Castle” actress Kim Seo-hyung (South Korea)
  • “First Love” actress Josie Lin (Taiwan)
  • “Girl’s Power” actress Sharon Lee (Taiwan)
  • “Loop of Vengeance” actress Anyarin Terethananpat (Thailand) *WINNER
  • “My True Friend” actress Xu Di (China)
  • “Hoa Hong Thep” (Steel Rose) actress Phi Huyen Trang (Vietnam)

Best Documentary Programme (One-Off/Special)

  • “The President’s Bodyguard” (India)
  • “Special Operations: Pathankot” (India)
  • “One Hundred Years of Solitude-Focus on Greenland” (Taiwan)
  • “Yearning for their mother’s Love Daughters of Sex Workers” (Japan)
  • “Is Australia Sexist” (Australia) *WINNER
  • “Moonbound” (India)

Best Documentary Series

  • “China from Above 2” (China / New Zealand) *WINNER
  • “Australia in Colour” (Australia)
  • “Mega Icons” (India)
  • “Animal Hospital” (China)
  • “Paralympic Documentary Series WHO I AM 3” (Japan)
  • “Homestay China” (China)
  • Women Fighter Pilots” (India)

Best Natural History or Wildlife Programme

  • “Orang Utan Jungle School” (New Zealand) *WINNER
  • “The Secret Of the Little Tern Seabird of the Inland Lake” (South Korea)
  • “Sino-Mongolian Beaver” (China)

Best News Programme

  • “Formosa News” (Taiwan)
  • “Sau Baat Ki Ek Baat” (India)
  • “A Billion Votes – The Verdict” (India)
  • “Sunanina’s Story” (India) *WINNER
  • “The 30th anniversary of June Fourth Incident Series: 1) Oblivion 2) Exile 3) Legacy” (Hong Kong)

Best Single News Story/Report (10 minutes or less)

  • “How 3 Chinese sisters with brittle bone disease became an online hit” (China)
  • “Giant Clams-Nature’s Climate Archive” (China) *WINNER
  • “Battle for Baghouz” (China)
  • “Highway of Child Sex Trade” (India)
  • “After the Umbrella Movement…The Verdict” (Hong Kong)
  • “Vaccine Regulation : SO Near Yet SO Far” (Hong Kong)

Best Current Affairs Programme

  • “Asia’s Plastic Pollution” (China)
  • “Behind the Veils of Iranian Women” (China)
  • “New Story Insight Eps: Scourge of Diaper Waste” (Indonesia)
  • “Sixty Years In Exile” (Taiwan)
  • “Tarini” (India)
  • “Bangkit;11 Days That Changed A Nation” (Malaysia)
  • “Kerala Floods_The Human Story” (India) *WINNER

Best Drama Series

  • “Stepmom and Daughter Blues” (Japan)
  • “Dr. Prisoner” (South Korea)
  • “SKY Castle” (South Korea) *WINNER
  • “The Light Your Eyes” (South Korea)
  • “A Thousand Goodnights” (一千个晚安) (Taiwan)
  • “dele” (Japan)
  • “Behind The Door” (Japan)
  • “The Rise of Phoenixes” (China)

Best Single Drama or Telemovie

  • “Mystified” (Philippines) *WINNER
  • “Light of Vietnam” (Japan)
  • “MAMBA: The Dream” (Hong Kong)

Best Comedy Programme

  • “Mama, You Know What?” (Bangkok Leum Bok Mae) (Thailand)
  • “Adukku Veettu Annasamy” (Singapore)
  • “+17” (Mongolia)
  • “The Family Law” Season 3 (Australia) *WINNER
  • “Midnight Misadventures with Mallika Dua” (India)
  • “Ha Company Unlimited” (Thailand)

Best Children’s Programme

  • “3 Days without Parents and 3c Products” (Taiwan)
  • “Little Singham” (India)
  • “Magic Little Chefs” (China)
  • “Bodypedia Baby” (Japan) *WINNER
  • “Boonie Bears: The Adventurers 2” (China)

Best Preschool Programme

  • “Didi&Friends” (Malaysia) *WINNER
  • “Omar & Hana” (Malaysia)
  • “Fashion Kids” (China)
  • “Shimajiro:A World of WOW!-Life& Survival-Living Together, Living Creatively” (Japan)
  • “Flying Fairground” (China)

Best Entertainment (One-Off/Annual)

  • “Lazada Super Party” (Indonesia)
  • “Mongolia’s Got Talent” (Mongolia)
  • “2018-2019 Jiangsu Satellite TV New Year’s Eve Concert” (China) *WINNER
  • “Dou Night and 2018 Fall Gala of ZJSTV” (China)
  • “MAMBA: The Dream” (Hong Kong)
  • “ONE: A New Era” (Singapore)

Best General Entertainment Programme

  • “Sasuke Ninja Warrior 2018” (Japan) *WINNER
  • “The Rapper 2” (Thailand)
  • “Who’s Single” (Thailand)
  • “Mongolia’s Got Talent” (Mongolia)
  • “The Next Top Bang” (China)
  • “5 Golden Rings Thailand” (Thailand)

Best Game of Quiz Programme

  • Primary School Quiz 2019 (Hong Kong)
  • “Boom! Vietnam” (Vietnam) *WINNER
  • “5 Golden Rings Thailand” (Thailand)
  • “Still Standing Thailand Season 2” (Thailand)

Best Music Programme

  • “The Rapper 2” (Thailand)
  • “The Mask Line Thai” (Thailand)
  • “MTV Unplugged Season 08” (India)
  • “The Producer” (Thailand) *WINNER

Best Reality Show

  • “Happiest Moment” (China)
  • “Game Day Episode 1” (Hong Kong)
  • “Pick Me Up to Malavisa-Episode 1” (Hong Kong)
  • “MasterChef Australia” (Australia)
  • “My Kitchen Rules Australia” (Australia) *WINNER
  • “The Face Vietnam” (Vietnam)
  • “Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 9-Jigar Pe Trigger” (India)

Best Infotainment Programme

  • “SHIKAKE~Ideas that Trigger Behavioral Change” (Japan)
  • “Mega Icons” (India) *WINNER
  • “The President’s Bodyguard” (India)
  • “OMG! Yeh Mera India S05” (India)
  • “GOT SCIENCE?” (India)
  • “Breaking Point_ Haws” (India)

Best Talk Show

  • “The Screening Room: Jason Yip-Choose the Right Battle the Fight” (Hong Kong)
  • “Koffeen With Karan Season 06” (India) *WINNER
  • “Off Centre” (India)
  • “Political Capital” (Philippines”
  • “ANC Exclusive: An Interview with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir Bin Mohamed” (Philippines)
  • “The Finishers” (Hong Kong)
  • “@Hyde Park” (Sri Lanka)

Best Social Awareness Programme

  • “Filthy Rich & Homeless” Series 2 (Australia)
  • “Life Matters” Season 2 (China)
  • “Stolen Homelands” Episode 1 (Hong Kong)
  • “Blogging at the Limit” (Japan)
  • “Kerala Floods_ The Human Story” (India)
  • “Planet Healers” (India) *WINNER
  • “Forget Me Not Café” Season 1 (China)

Best Adaptation of Existing Format

  • “The Mask Line Thai” (Thailand)
  • “Shark Tank” (Mongolia)
  • “Mongolia’s Got Talent” (Mongolia)
  • “LEGO® Masters Australia” (Australia)
  • “MasterChef Junior Thailand” Season 1 (Thailand) *WINNER
  • “5 Golden Rings Thailand” (Thailand)

Best Lifetyle Programme

  • “The Spirit of Zen” (China) *WINNER
  • “Masters of Taste with Gary Mehigan-The Family Table” (India)
  • “Destination Flavour China” (Australia)
  • “Follow Alana : Spending a Night on the Great Reef” (Taiwan)
  • “Follow Alana : First Encounter with Brisbane” (Taiwan)
  • “Discovereats” Season 2 (Philippines)

Best 2D Animated Programme

  • “Little Singham” (India)
  • “Barangay 143” (Philippines) *WINNER

Best 3D Animated Programme

  • “Election Monitoring Station” (Taiwan)
  • “Treehouse Detectives” (South Korea) *WINNER
  • “KIKO” (Indonesia)

Best Live Sports Coverage

  • “HSBC HWWC Singapore 2019 (Last Round)” (Australia)
  • “Honda LPGA UL International Crown 2018 (Last Round)” (Australia)
  • “Australian PGA Championships 2018 (Last Round) (Australia) *WINNER
  • “2018 Shanghai International Marathon” (China)
  • “The Finishers” (Hong Kong)
  • “ONE: Enter the Dragon” (Singapore)

Best Sports Programme

  • “Beijing Triathlon 2018” (Australia)
  • “NUMBERS” (Philippines)
  • “GO Top HEROES” (China) *WINNER
  • “MAMBA: The Dream” (Hong Kong)
  • “All Access: The Contenders” (India)

Best Cinematography

  • “The Aerial Beauty of Taiwan” cinematographer Tu Wen-Chuan (Taiwan)
  • “The President’s Bodyguard” cinematographer Karan Thapliyal (India)
  • “Avenue 14” cinematographer Roszali Samad (Singapore)
  • “Rich Franklin’s ONE Warrior Series” Season 4 Episode 5- Mumbai cinematographer Jeru Gabriel Castanares (Singapore)
  • “Breaking Point_Haws” cinematographer Kumar Subramanyam (India) *WINNER
  • “The Calling” cinematographer Arkodem Mvkherjee (India)

Best Direction (Non-Fiction)

  • “The President’s Bodyguard” director Robin Roy (India)
  • “Tarini” directors Paramangsu Mukherjee and Richa Pant (India)
  • “Mumbai: City of Ganesha” directors Richa Sahai and Avinash Kumar (India)
  • “Life Matters” Season 2 director Zhou Quan (China)
  • “Moonbound” director Sujata Kucshreshta (India)
  • “Breaking Point_Haws” director Prabhu Asgadnkar (India) *WINNER

Best Direction (Fiction)

  • “The Light Your Eyes” director Kim Suk Yoon (South Korea)
  • “Avenue 14” director Jeevan Nathan (Singapore) *WINNER
  • “Adukku Veettu Annasamy” director S.S. Vikneshwaran (Singapore)
  • “Barangay 143” director Jyotirmoy Saha (Philippines)
  • “Mystified” director Mark A. Reyes V (Philippines)
  • “Don’t Sleep My Hero”director Tanwarin Sukkhapisit (Thailand)

 Best Editing

  • “Tarini” editor Anu Kamala (India)
  • “The President’s Bodyguard” editors Pachis Frame and Ramesh Singh (India)
  • “Life Matters” Season 2 editor Zhou Quan (China) *WINNER
  • “Breaking Point Haws” editors Mahesh Pradhan and Dweerad Mahapatra (India)
  • “MAMBA: The Dream” editors (Hong Kong)

Best Original Screenplay

  • “Mega Icons: His Holiness The Dalai Lama” writers Yash Keswani and Sima Agarwal
  • “Mega Icons: Virat Kohli” writers Yash Keswani and Sima Agarwal
  • “Girl’s Power” writer Hsin Pang, Lee (Taiwan)
  • “Avenue 14” writer Shermin Toh (Singapore)
  • “The Gifted” writer (Thailand)
  • “Bangkok Love Stories: Plead” writer Ekachai Uekrongtham (Thailand) *WINNER

Best Theme Song

  • “Mystified” song “Simula” by Karylle (Philippines)
  • “Barangay 143” song “Alanganin” by Kris Lawrence and Krizza Neri (Philippines) *WINNER
  • “Barangay 143” song “Para sa Isa’t Isa” by Nina and Jin Ho Bae (Philippines)
  • “Barangay 143” song “Dito sa Barangay 143” by Gloc 9 featuring Maya (Philippines)
  • “Barangay 143” song “Liga ng Buhay” by Top Suzara and Harlem Ty (Philippines)

Outstanding Contribution to Asian Television Performing Arts

  • Anggun Cipta Sami (Indonesia) *WINNER

Outstanding Contribution to Asian Television

  • Manuel V. Pangilinan (Philippines) *WINNER

Cable, Satellite or Online Network of the Year

  • Line Company (Thailand) Limited *WINNER

Terrestrial Broadcaster of the Year

  • China Global Television Network (CGTN) *WINNER

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