Thailand’s Sangmanee Sathian Muaythai earns 2nd ONE Super Series win, decisions Japan’s Kenta Yamada at ‘ONE: A New Tomorrow’ in Bangkok

Sangmanee Sathian Muaythai Gym, Kenta Yamada (©ONE Championship)

Sangmanee Sathian Muaythai Gym, Kenta Yamada (©ONE Championship)

Professionally known as “The Million Dollar Baby” Sangmanee Sathian Muaythai Gym, Pongsakon Sittidech, 22, of Thailand has earned his second victory in ONE Championship’s striking-only league ONE Super Series. The Thai martial artist was one of the winners at “ONE: A New Tomorrow.”

ONE Championship held “ONE: A New Tomorrow” at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand on January 10, 2020. In the 10th bout of the evening, Harrison competed in a Muay Thai bout in the bantamweight division against Kenta Yamada, 32, of Japan.

Elias Dolaptsis served as the referee. From the opening bell, Sangmanee peppered Yamada with a barrage of kicks to the legs, body and head.

Yamada remained game and kept coming forward. But that did little to stop Sangmanee from unloading even more kicks.

After three three-minute rounds, the bantamweight contest was left in the hands of the judges. In the end, Dolaptsis raised the hand of Sangmanee, who was declared the winner via unanimous decision.

Including Japan and Thailand, 15 countries were represented at “ONE: A New Tomorrow.” The other countries were Algeria, Brazil, China, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Vietnam.


Born in Mancha Khiri, Khon Kaen on March 20, 1997, Sangmanee was 6 years old when he started his martial arts training. He was 15 years old when he moved to Bangkok to train at the 13 Coins Gym with several champions including Saenchai, 39.

Winning at “ONE: A New Tomorrow” improved the professional Muay Thai record of Sangmanee to 182 wins, 26 losses, 5 draws. It was his second ONE Super Series bout.

On the other hand, it was Yamada’s fourth ONE Super Series bout. He now has a professional Muay Thai and kickboxing record of 58 wins, 26 losses and 6 draws.

Featuring six MMA matches, five Muay Thai contests and one kickboxing bout, “ONE: A New Tomorrow” was the first ONE Championship event to take place in 2020. Here is a recap:

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