‘BRAVE CF 34,’ ‘WFC 24’ weigh-in results: Luka Podkrajsek vs Viktor Vasic, Ivica Truscek vs Benoit St. Denis in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Zlatko Mahic, Viktor Vasić, Mohammed Shahid, Luka Podkrajšek, Kirik Jenness (©BRAVE Combat Federation)

Zlatko Mahic, Viktor Vasić, Mohammed Shahid, Luka Podkrajšek, Kirik Jenness (©BRAVE Combat Federation)

BRAVE Combat Federation and WFC are one day away from making history for the Slovenian mixed martial arts scene with the joint event of “BRAVE CF 34” and “WFC 24.” The promotions put together the ceremonial weigh-ins on January 18, 2020, the last chance for fighters to stare down their opponents before the fight night.

“BRAVE CF 34” and “WFC 24” will simultaneously take place at the Tivoli Hall in Ljubljana, Slovenia on January 19, 2020. There are 10 MMA bouts on the card.

During the weigh-ins ceremony, the athletes made the most of the occasion as they used the weigh-ins to stir up their opponent, which was the case with Monika Kucinic. As she looks to get her professional career underway with a victory, the Slovenian fighter went head to head with Jennifer Trioreau and shoved her French counterpart with her own forehead, marking a tense moment.

Elsewhere, there were a few other tense staredowns, especially between middleweights Phil Hawes and Iuri Fraga. On a lighter note, Bojan Kosednar made everyone present at the weigh-ins laugh as he took out his own mobile phone and struck a selfie with opponent Tonci Perusko.

“BRAVE CF 34” and “WFC 24” will be headlined by a WFC Heavyweight title fight as Luka Podkrajsek and Viktor Vasic look to take home the vacant belt. Before this, several stars will take on the Balkans’ best fighters in a fight night to never be forgotten for the region.

BRAVE CF 34/WFC 24 weigh-in results:
Heavyweight (for WFC Championship): Luka Podkrajsek (104.7 kg) vs Viktor Vasic (109.4 kg)
Welterweight: Ivica Truscek (77.3 kg) vs Benoit St. Denis (77.6 kg)
Light Heavyweight: Jakob Nedoh (93.4 kg) vs Zarko Sedoglavic (91.8 kg)
Middleweight: Phil Hawes (84.4 kg) vs Iuri Fraga (84.4 kg)
Flyweight: Velimurad Alkhasov (57 kg) vs Zach Makovsky (57.1 kg)
Lightweight: Matjaz Vicar (70.4 kg) vs Mochamed Machaev (70.7 kg)
Catchweight (53 kg): Monika Kucinic (52.9 kg) vs Jennifer Trioreau (53 kg)
Welterweight: Bojan Kosednar (77.6 kg) vs Tonci Perusko (77.6 kg)
Light Heavyweight: Matej Plavec (88 kg) vs Marko Drmonjic (88 kg)

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