Barbie Almalbis, Martin Honasan’s song ‘Comment’ released

Barbie Almalbis (©Chealsy Dale)

Barbie Almalbis (©Chealsy Dale)

Barbie Almalbis has officially released “Comment,” the first single off her yet-to-be-titled fourth studio album. She co-wrote the song with her husband Martin Honasan in 2019.

“Comment” is now out on various streaming and download platforms worldwide via 12 Stone Records. The dreamy pop confection depicts Almalbis and Honasan’s honest observation on love in the time of social media.

“My husband Martin and I started writing songs together last year and ‘Comment’ is one of the songs that came out of that,” Almalbis shared. “We were thinking about how much social media has changed the way we interact with each other and the song is a kind of love story inspired by that, and also by our friends who post about their plants on Instagram.”

With its atmospheric soundscapes and intricate arrangements, “Comment” showcases Almalbis’s more sonically adventurous side, her love for textures and dynamics, her penchant for little surprises. It is abundantly clear that the acclaimed artist behind hits such as “Tabing Ilog,” “Money For Food” and “Ambon” is insistent to defy expectations and come up with something new.

The track was recorded with Almalbis’s bandmates, namely keyboardist Nikko Rivera, drummer Jonard Bolor and fretless bassist Rommel dela Cruz. Almalbis said, “Similar to the songs from the recent EP ‘Tigre,’ the main rhythm section was recorded live then we had a few additional guitar and piano layers, then vocals.”

“The recording was done at Yellow Room Studios, formerly Tracks Studios in San Antonio Village, where we made most of the Barbie’s Cradle albums,” Almalbis revealed. “It was very nostalgic for Rommel and me. Magic Montano was our sound engineer.”

Along with the digital release on streaming and download sites, the music video of “Comment” is set to debut upon the release of the song. Almalbis’s fourth studio album will be released later in 2020 on 12 Stone Records.

“The music video was done as an Instagram Story,” Almalbis said. “We shot it at the Gardens of Versailles while in France for Martin’s exhibit last October.”

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