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eZee, ZEN Rooms to modernize Southeast Asian travel together


eZee and ZEN Rooms have announced their partnership, which is an excellent timing as Southeast Asian travel is booming. The former provides end-to-end hospitality technology while the latter is the leading budget and mid-range hotel group in Southeast Asia.

The number of international visitors is expected to expand up to 155.4 million in 2022, according to Global Data. Rapid growth and transition of  the sector to online drastically increases the transparency, putting a pressure on hoteliers to stay efficient, competitive and provide higher standards services.

More so in times of turbulence, caused by natural disaster, accident or political unrest, that may heavily affect travel, as we were reminded by Taal volcano eruption and recent Coronavirus outbreak. Accommodation market has to transform and adaptation of technology will be a key for many hotels to compete and succeed.

To help close the technology gap and modernize Asia’s accommodation market, ZEN Rooms and eZee signed a landmark agreement to deploy eZee solutions across the region. At present, this is the largest deal for hospitality technology deployment in Southeast Asia.

The alliance will allow the companies to deploy eZee hospitality software in 1000+ properties under ZEN umbrella, and integrate the technologies and expertise of both companies to create a unique, flexible and affordable product for independent hoteliers and chains in the region. The product will aim to help hoteliers maximize their profitability, by increasing the revenue streams and improving operational efficiency.

ZEN Rooms, Yanolja

Additionally, eZee, ZEN Rooms and South Korea-based travel group Yanolja announced the development of Y Flux, the Hotels’ Automated Future, at ITB Asia in 2019, promising a fully-integrated and automated environment in hotels. ZEN Rooms own and partner properties will be the first to start using this technology already in the first half of 2020.

“We are excited to announce the partnership with eZee,” ZEN Rooms co-founder and CEO Nathan Boublil said. “In today’s increasingly demanding and competitive market, technology is the way to improve the industry, make it safer and more affordable, benefiting the travelers and the well being of hoteliers.”

According to eZee CEO Aeijaz Sodawala, the hospitality technology provider currently supports more than 13,000 hotels and restaurants in over 160 countries. He explained, “The reason behind eZee’s strong presence in the industry today is that we dig deep into the market to understand the pain-points of its players and always aim to offer a solution to our users rather than a product.”

“With this, our up-to-date products running on the latest technology is what made ZEN Rooms select us as their technology partner,” Sodawala continued. “We’re looking forward to working with Yanolja and ZEN Rooms and bring forth a brand new technology experience for the hotel industry in the region.”

Over the years, eZee was acclaimed for its innovative technology in small to big hotels, hotel chains and restaurants, gradually seeping into other industry segments like hostels and B&Bs. Encompassing unique segments of the hospitality industry in its bandwagon continues to make eZee the frontrunner in the industry today.

To find out more about eZee and ZEN Rooms’ partnerships, please email

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