‘ONE: Warrior’s Code’ weight, hydration results: Petchmorakot Petchyindee Academy vs Pongsiri PK.Saenchaimuaythaigym, Leandro Ataides vs Reinier de Ridder

'ONE: Warrior's Code' fight card

With 11 bouts, ONE Championship will hold “ONE: Warrior’s Code” at the Istora Senayan in Jakarta, Indonesia on February 7, 2020. Here are the final weight and hydration results:



ONE Featherweight Muay Thai World Championship (65.9 KG – 70.3 KG):
Petchmorakot Petchyindee Academy (70.30 KG, 1.0070) vs. Pongsiri PK.Saenchaimuaythaigym (70.20 KG, 1.0210)

Mixed Martial Arts Middleweight (84.0 KG – 93.0 KG):
Leandro Ataides (92.30 KG, 1.0023) vs. Reinier De Ridder (92.65 KG, 1.0031)

Mixed Martial Arts Lightweight (70.4 KG – 77.1 KG): 
Iuri Lapicus (76.40 KG, 1.0031) vs. Marat Gafurov (77.05 KG, 1.0187)

Mixed Martial Arts Flyweight (56.8 KG – 61.2 KG):
Eko Roni Saputra (61.00 KG, 1.0218) vs. Khon Sichan (60.95 KG, 1.0207)

Mixed Martial Arts Featherweight (65.9 KG – 70.3 KG): 
Kim Jae Woong (70.30 KG, 1.0053) vs. Koyomi Matsushima (70.30 KG, 1.0099)


Mixed Martial Arts Catch Weight (53.40 KG): 
Nyrene Crowley (52.05 KG, 1.004) vs. Itsuki Hirata (53.40 KG, 1.0018)

Mixed Martial Arts Catch Weight (68.0 KG):
Sunoto (67.60  KG, 1.0018) vs. Nurul Fikri (68.00 KG, 1.0053)

Mixed Martial Arts Flyweight (56.8 KG – 61.2 KG):
Abro Fernandes (61.20 KG, 1.0044) vs. Eko Priandono (61.40 KG, 1.0055)

Muay Thai Flyweight (56.8 KG – 61.2 KG):
Savvas Michael Petchyindee Academy (60.40 KG, 1.0018) vs. Taiki Naito (60.85 KG, 1.014)

Muay Thai Strawweight (52.3 KG – 56.7 KG): 
Andy Howson (56.55 KG, 1.0023) vs. Josh Tonna (56.60 KG, 1.0078)

Mixed Martial Arts Flyweight (56.8 KG – 61.2 KG):
Egi Rozten (61.20 KG, 1.0031) vs. Fajar (60.75 KG, 1.0023)

*The bout between Demi Yulianto and Antonis Muyak has been cancelled due to failed weight and hydration for Muyak.

*Nyrene Crowly vs Itsuki Hirata is now at an agreed Catch Weight of 53.40 KG.

*Pongsiri PK.Saenchaimuaythaigym steps in as late replacement in main event.

*Hydration values less than or equal to 1.0250 earn a passing mark, while values greater than or equal to 1.0251 earn a failing mark. Athletes who failed weight and hydration tests on Day 1 or Day 2 are given another chance to clear tests on the morning of the event.

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