‘Trophée de l’Éphèbe de Kickboxing 17’ fight card, results: Clement Adrover vs Salvatore Scaletta in Agde, France

'Trophée de l’Éphèbe de Kickboxing 4' poster

The World Kickboxing Network European Championship title will be on the line in the next Trophée de l’Éphèbe de Kickboxing edition called “TEKB 17.” The contest features Clement Adrover of France up against Salvatore Scaletta of Belgium.

Presented by Christophe Dragole, “TEKB 17” will take place at Palais des Sports in Agde, France on April 4, 2020. The five-round super bantamweight championship bout between Adrover and Scalette will be the main event.

Adrover is riding the two-fight win streak. This includes a unanimous decision against Samuele Andolina of Italy in May 2019 and the fourth-round technical knockout win over Nicolas Rivas of France in June 2019.

Scaletta is coming off the win by unanimous decision as well as the revenge over his fellow Belgian kickboxer Mohammed Kloua in November 2019. The pair first met at the kickboxing series “Simply the Best 17 Farciennes.”

The co-main event of “TEKB 17” is a three-round encounter between Gregoire Gottardi of France and Valerie Carabet of Moldova. The winner takes the Trophée de l’Éphèbe 2020.

Also on the main card, Zaid Douich of France faces Roberto Bonetti of Italy in a three-round 60 kg catchweight bout. Damien Grégoiren and Sofian Hadj Brahim, both from France, will battle it out at 70 kg catchweight.

In addition, Clara Asensio of France and Ludovica Ciarpaglini of Italy will square off in the women’s kickboxing battle at 60 kg. The undercard will see a series of amateur kickboxing bouts.

Over the years the annual TEKB featured WKN World, European and intercontinental title bouts with some of the best athletes of the current era of kickboxing. Again, here is the “TEKB 17” fight card:

  • Clara Asensio (France) vs Ludovica Ciarpaglini (Italy): 60 kg (women’s)
  • Damien Grégoiren (France) vs Sofian Hadj Brahim (France): 70 kg catchweight
  • Zaid Douich (France) vs Roberto Bonetti (Italy): 60 kg catchweight
  • Gregoire Gottardi (France) vs Valerie Carabet (Moldova): Trophée de l’Éphèbe 2020
  • Clement Adrover (France) vs. Salvatore Scaletta (Belgium): WKN European Super Bantamweight title / Oriental rules / 5×3

*STAY TUNED for the results.

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