Tou Thao has left Minnesota: Lawyer

Tou Thao

Tou Thao

Tou Nmn Thao is no longer in Minnesota, United States. The Asian-American cop involved in the fatal arrest of George Floyd is represented by Robert Paule, one of the top-rated criminal defense attorneys in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

On May 25, 2020, Thao was one of the four cops from the Minneapolis Police Department who responded to a report by an employee at Cup Foods at 3759 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis claiming that a customer bought cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. The other cops were Derek Michael ChauvinThomas Kiernan Lane and J Alexander Kueng.

It was a fatal arrest witnessed by several bystanders and streamed live on Facebook. Thao did not touch Floyd during the arrest.

While Chauvin, Lane and Kueng were holding Floyd, Thao was watching and telling the eyewitnesses to get back. The arrestee started to lose consciousness and was later brought by paramedics to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis where he was pronounced dead.

On May 26, 2020, the Minneapolis Police Department terminated Thao, Chauvin, Lane and Kueng. At 11:44 a.m. on May 29, 2020, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension took Chauvin into custody and he is being held at the adult detention center Ramsey County jail in St. Paul, Minnesota, CBS News reported.

Also on May 29, 2020, Paule confirmed that Thao has left Minnesota. The former Minneapolis Police Department officer is “safely elsewhere,” the Minnesota Star Tribute quoted the lawyer as saying.

There are claims that Chauvin’s Asian-American wife Kellie Chauvin and Thao are siblings. Her divorce lawyer Amanda Mason-Sekula has released a statement saying this is not true.

The Minneapolis Police Department hired Thao on February 4, 2008. He started as a community service officer and his badge number was 7162.

In 2009, Thao went through the Minneapolis Police Academy. He was laid off from 2010 to 2011 but the Minneapolis Police Department hired him back in 2012, giving him a full-time position.

Following the death of Floyd, Minneapolis has been dealing with protests. Asian-Americans also named Tou Thao have been receiving harassment from strangers.

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      • Start! We have been praying for many years! We have increased our prayer life tremendously!


  1. Shame on you Blue! Standing there doing or saying nothing as you watch a man being beaten in police car, then watch Mr. Floyd gasping for air as he said he can’t breath. You will pay for your stupidity and being an accompliss to this murder.


    • I sure hope so. They all need to be brought to justice for George Floyd !! Disgraceful behaviour on a fellow human being. It sickens me…always picking on African Americans !! And yes… I am white but love my fellow man. I want these so called officers to go to jail for a VERY long time.


  2. Please ! Government arrest him and charge ASAP. Yes! Floyed need to get justice ! We want peace in county. Non of the human beings allowed to killed other human beings. We all are brothers and sisters, we need to respect each other. We don’t want war we want peace. We need to think this nation for next generation.


    ( Inspired by God -written by Donetta Lewis)
    (Black Lives Matter)


    From the shores of Montezuma, to lands from state to state, there are terrorist inside our cities and they continue to perpetrate. They take an oath to protect us, but that’s for a selected few, to many shades of darkness and death could embellish you.

    You can take a trip to a church or to your local store, or have a simple traffic stop, and never make it to home front shores. What’s the chance your baby boy would be running to catch his bus, hoodie barely covering his head, to be shot dead for reasons so unjust.

    A man somewhat large in stature stating his point of view, two shades lighter than his coffee ends in a vigorous snafu. The big man down because of his color and size in spite of his military service, but what on earth is to be done when his help is a licensed terrorist.

    Children use to play cops and robbers but not so much today, parents afraid their child’s the wrong shade, what a hefty price that would have to be paid. Why is this happening oh so often lives that are cut so short, with many excuses looming and the terrorist seeking their next plot, Planting guns and lies so fiction a novel could be spun, but who’s child will it be next, will it be your daughter, your son.

    We raise our children with honor and respect, we chastised them so they don’t have to face Iife’s racial epithets…then the tables the terrorist try to turn, arresting parents for chastening their daughters and sons…so they take our rights to correct them, and end their lives because the terrorist felt they disrespected them.

    They should walk a mile in another mans shoes to get a clearer picture to see what it is to be hunted, slaughtered like prey with no intervention.

    Not all of these service men and women are filled with demon distress, most of them are caring and helpful just trying to do their best. But in the end this problem is not so new the days of abuse in slavery they felt it our just do, calling us names and beatings and lynchings from the trees and all these years later and still we’re under siege … Michael Brown, Brandon Jones, and Albert Joseph Davis, one by one it has begun a savage annihilation.

    We must get .prayer back in our schools and more so in our homes, to alleviate and eradicate these evil terrorist clones. They can toss someone’s child across The room and disgraced them in front of millions, the 6 o’clock news will turn it around and make that child the villain.

    The justice system is not so just blurred lines there continues to be, black lives continue to be wiped out and it’s raging like the seas. One thing for sure we will not do is go back to intimidation, we have a purpose to fulfill our lives in Godly demonstration.

    We must see ourselves through Gods greater vision, a called out seed that is destined to be with many goals and plenty of ambitions. It starts with us seeing ourselves as a positive stream of light, beholding all that is good in us and fighting the warriors fight. We all must get down on our knees and pray for change to come, stop picking up weapons of mass destruction killing possibly your child your son.

    Our leaders have stood by long enough Watching from a distance, what happens when mistaken ID comes to their doorstep in an instant. Will they be finagling with political loopholes that seem to keep growing like a purist, are will they look for ways to cast out this impending legal terrorist.

    Can someone see the bigger picture of what God wants us to do, he’s trying to get us to save ourselves from this hell that has broken loose. People sneaking into our country some living here tax free, stressing our already stretched out resources just trying to make ends meet.

    But in the end we really all want the tangible same things, we want respect and a place to live and have the American dream. So in the end if the terrorist continue to accidentally erase us, there’s a judgment call that will be answered by the great one who created us. So no matter how you see yourself Republican, Democrat or Independent, Christian, Muslim, or Jewish descendant something one way or another must be done to stop the racist terrorist from killing our babies our sons.
    Inspired by God
    Written by Donetta Lewis
    Written Feb. 16th 2015
    Please repost, thank you!


  4. I ttuely think the three other police officers involved should get some time, if it was a black person with some one who just committed a crime they go to prison. The 3 other officers did nothing to stop it, 8n fact they make sure no one came near, n now you are hiding them?

    Shame on you Minnesota police department, he is assertive to the crime, saw something did nothing!

    The 4 of them deserve prison time more then 1-3 yrs, in fact the same time you would give a black man!


    • We do need and want justice for our falling American!! Its not about color!! From what I see the 4 officer’s are of mixed nationalities!! One is of Chinese decent one is biracial!! Its not about the color of our skin, the problem is a lot of our authority figures are outta control and when some officers put that badge on they feel untouchable as if they are above the law!! They are bullies & I feel they are a gang no different than Bloods or crypts!!
      Floyd deserves justice

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  5. I ttuely think the three other police officers involved should get some time, if it was a black person with some one who just committed a crime they go to prison. The 3 other officers did nothing to stop it, 8n fact they make sure no one came near, n now you are hiding them?

    Shame on you Minnesota police department, he is assertive to the crime, saw something did nothing!

    The 4 of them deserve prison time more then 1-3 yrs, in fact the same time you would give a black man!


  6. Poor excuse for a human being! How could you stand there and do nothing? You are a disgrace! I hope you never sleep!


  7. Please be accurate in your reporting. Those were not EMT’S driving the ambulance, loading Mr Floyd on the gurney. Look closely at the end of video…since when do met wear bullet proof vests? Check it out….100 %fact.


  8. You can run, but you can’t hide! You will pay for what you have done to Mr. George Floyd! You have blood on your hands just like all the police officers you were standing with that day to take Me. Floyd’s life! You must pay and you will pay! You took a vow to protect and preserve life! You failed miserably! You will give account Mr. Floyd was a very young man who had a lot life to live!! How can you live a satisfying life after taken someone else?


  9. First class coward, run and hide, even if you dig a hole to hide yourself you won’t get away
    Each and every one of you should be charged with murder, Mr Chauvin murder 1st degree, the other also should be charged. You are less than human, no good slime..satan’s spone..
    Shame on the MPD too.


    • All of the officers should be brought to justice! Chauvin and the other two 1st degree murder. Tou Toua should get 3rd degree murder. How he could stand there knowing exactly what his colleagues were doing,shielding them . He is a disgrace to humanity!
      Please, arrest them all ! In the name of George Floyd justice must be seen to be done !
      I despair at how many officers have murdered African Americans and still run free to do it over and over again ! It must stop !!


  10. Dude would have been scott free if he had not tried to hide with his body what the other cops were doing. That proves he was involved just as much as the others.


    • Absolutely! We mustn’t let George Floyds death be in vain ! It must bring about change. Put all four in jail. A long,long sentence too. Perhaps then the police will realise that they are NOT untouchable!


  11. Meh, fuck it. No one on this board truly gave one single fuck about george floyd. None of you. You know you’re only pretending because it’s “the thing to do” so other leftists see how “woke” you are.

    no one cares. it doesn’t affect my wallet or my family directly so… who cares.


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