Devin Brosnan agreed to be state witness? Lawyer Don Samuel denies

Devin Brosnan (©Atlanta Police Department)

Devin Brosnan (©Atlanta Police Department)

Devin Brosnan has been charged with aggravated assault and two violations of oath of office for his participation in the fatal arrest of Rayshard Brooks.  The cop has a agreed to be a state witness, according to Fulton County district attorney Paul Howard.

The Fulton County district attorney said this during his press conference on June 17, 2020. He also announced that Garrett Rolfe was charged with 11 counts including felony murder, aggravated assault, criminal damage to property and violations to his oath of office in the shooting death of Brooks.

On June 12, 2020, Brooks was found asleep and intoxicated in his car, which was blocking the drive-through a Wendy’s fast-food restaurant at 125 University Avenue in Peoplestown, Atlanta, United States. Brosnan and Rolfe tried to arrest Brooks.

Aside from resisting, Brooks stole Brosnan’s Taser and pointed it at the two Atlanta Police Department police officers. Rolfe shot Brooks at his back and even kicked the African-American man afterwards.

“Even though Mr. Brooks was slightly impaired, his demeanor during this incident was almost jovial,” Howard said. “For 41 minutes and 17 seconds he followed every instruction, he answered the questions. Mr. Brooks never displayed any aggressive behavior during the 41 minutes and 17 seconds.”


L. Chris Stewart, a lawyer for Brooks’ family attorney praised Brosnan’s “courageousness” for his willingness to testify against Rolfe. However, Don Samuel, one of the lawyers representing Brosnan, denied Howard’s claim.

“Officer Brosnan has not agreed to testify,” Samuel told CNN. “He is absolutely not guilty of any crime and will not plead guilty and has not agreed to be a ‘state’s witness.'”


Garrett Rolfe (©Atlanta Police Department)

Garrett Rolfe (©Atlanta Police Department)

Originally from Southborough, Massachusetts, USA, Brosnan attended Algonquin Regional High School in Northborough, Massachusetts and Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, USA. The APD hired him in September 2018.

On June 14, 2020, the APD placed Brosnan on administrative duty and fired Rolfe over the fatal arrest of Brooks. Brooks’ death exacerbated the ire of the Black Lives Matter protesters who are still seeking justice for the deaths of Ahmaud ArberyBreonna Taylor and George Floyd.

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