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Candace Owens on George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks: Stop blaming white people

For Candace Owens, it is not fair to put the blame on white people for the recent deaths of African-American people including George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks. The Blexit founder believes that the problem is the broken culture of black people.

Some Black Lives Matter protesters emphasize the good things Floyd and Brooks had done when they were still alive. On the other hand, Owens believes that the criminal records of the two African-American men who were recently killed should not be ignored.


On August 9, 2007, Floyd and five other African-American men burglarized a house in Houston, Texas, United States. Two adults namely Aracely Henriquez and Angel Negrete were in the house with a toddler.

In 2009, Floyd pleaded guilty and admitted to pushing a pistol against Henriquez’s abdomen before looking for items to steal in the house. He was sentenced to five years in prison, paroled in January 2013 and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA in 2014.


In February 2020, a company called Reconnect, which focuses on fighting incarceration crisis in the U.S., posted an ad on Craigslist to look for someone on probation or parole who was willing to be interviewed on camera. Brooks responded to the ad and was interviewed by Stephen Quirk, who wrote about the experience on Medium.

In the interview, Brooks revealed that he was arrested for false imprisonment and financial credit card fraud. He was sentenced to a year in prison after pleading guilty because his public defender told him he could get 10 years, he said.

According to Brooks, being locked up 23 hours a day and told when to wake up and where to go it “messed” with his mental state and going through that process “hardened” him at a point. He shared, “I have to have my, my guard up because the world is cruel, you know, it took me through seeing different things and, you know, in the system you know it just, just makes you harden to a point.”

On May 25, 2020, Floyd was declared dead in the emergency room of the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis. He was in the custody of former former Minneapolis Police Department officers Derek Michael Chauvin, Tou Thao, Thomas Kiernan Lane and J Alexander Kueng.

On June 12, 2020, Brooks was found asleep and intoxicated in his car, which was blocking the drive-through of a Wendy’s fast-food restaurant at 125 University Avenue in Peoplestown, Atlanta, USA and was arrested by Atlanta Police Department officers Garrett Rolfe and Devin Bronsan.

Brooks resisted and was shot by Rolfe. The former underwent surgery in Grady Memorial Hospital but was pronounced dead afterwards.

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