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Leah Van Dale biography: 13 things about WWE wrestler Carmella

Leah Van Dale is a professional wrestler, a dancer and a model. As a wrestler signed to World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.,  she is known for her ring name Carmella. 

Carmella is a leopard print clad princess of Staten Island. She performs on the SmackDown brand of WWE.

In 2018, Carmella ranked number 23 in the list of 30 best female wrestlers of Sports Illustrated. Here 13 more facts about the WWE star:

  1. She was born in Spencer, Massachusetts, United States.
  2. Her father Paul Van Dale is a retired mixed martial artist and professional wrestler who worked as a jobber for the WWE when it was still called World Wrestling Federation.
  3. She is a certified fitness instructor and a personal trainer.
  4. In 2006, she graduated from David Prouty High School in Spencer.
  5. In 2010, she graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.
  6. In 2010, she was accepted as a Laker Girl so she had to withdraw her application to be part of the WWE series “WWE Tough Enough.”
  7. She was a cheerleader for the National Football League team New England Patriots for three seasons.
  8. In June 2013, she signed a contract with WWE.
  9. When she made her WWE debut on September 4, 2014, she portrayed a hairdresser in a segment with Enzo “nZo” Amore and William “Colin Cassady” Morrisey.
  10. When she made her in-ring debut on October 16, 2014, she wrestled an unnamed opponent dubbed Blue Pants by Amore and Cassady in an NXT episode.
  11. She dated Cassady and WWE commentator Matthew “Corey Graves” Polinsky.
  12. She was a playable character in “WWE 2K17” marking her video game debut.
  13. She was 29 years old when she joined “Total Divas” Season 7 in June 2017 as a member of the main cast.

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